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Committee members

  • Professor Sarah von Billerbeck, Professor of International Relations, School D&I Lead
  • Dr Sam Rawlings, Associate Professor of Economics, D&I Lead for Economics
  • Professor Uma Kambhampati, Professor of Economics, Head of School
  • Dr Adam Humphreys, Associate Professor of International Relations, Head of Department of Politics and International Relations
  • Professor James Reade, Professor of Economics, Head of Department of Economics
  • Professor Daphne Halikiopoulou, Professor of Comparative Politics, REF Lead for Politics and International Relations
  • Professor Simonetta Longhi, Professor of Economics, Research Division Lead for Economics
  • Dr David Marshall, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics, School Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Professor Marina Della Giusta, Professor of Economics
  • Mrs Vicki Matthews, Executive Support Officer, Office of School Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Drew Taylor, Politics Student Representative, Diversity Officer for Reading University Politics Society
  • Economics Student Representative

Terms of reference (Updated June 2021)

Membership: Head of School, Heads of Departments, School D&I Lead, PIR REF Lead/RDL and Economics RDL, SDTLs, one member each from PIR and Economics Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (on a rota), Vicki Matthews (Exec Support/Wellbeing), student representatives (1 each from PIR and Economics)

Frequency of meetings: termly

Reports to: SPEIR Management Board and D&I Dean


To help the School of Politics, Economics and International Relations meet its strategic aims in the area of inclusion and diversity, by championing equality and valuing and promoting diversity to create an organisational culture that is respectful and inclusive, and therefore enable the School to benefit from and nurture the talents of all who work and study here. SPEIR aims to ensure that staff and students are aware of the goals of the University stated in the Code of Good Practice and Equal Opportunity Guidelines and abide by these in all their interactions.

To do so, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

  1. Oversees awareness raising by publicising the code of conduct and disseminating updated information on D&I policies.
  2. Keeps records of a) appropriate training undertaken by staff and b) oversight of mentoring activities.
  3. Ensures D&I is embedded in the design and implementation of all School activities by making staff and students aware of inclusive working practices in teaching, research and outreach activities.
  4. Ensures adequate representation of School and/or Department D&I Leads on strategic committees (e.g. School Management Board, Promotions Committee) and inclusion in planning processes such as SPELT and the 5 year SPS system.
  5. Oversees the implementation of and monitors progress on the Athena Swan Action Plan 2021–2026 with a view to a renewal of the School Bronze award or advancement to Silver at that time.
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