MA in Public Policy

Course Structure and Mode of Study

This is a full-time 12 month master's programme. Alternatively the programme can be undertaken part-time over a period of 24 months. It can also be taken on a modular basis for a period up to, but not exceeding, 72 months.

Three major elements make up the programme of study:

Core taught modules

(60 credits)

Specialist pathways

(60 credits)

Research Project/Placement

(60 credits)

Economics of public policy

(20 credits)

Politics of public policy

(20 credits)

Research training

(20 credits)

Global and Regional Governance and Institutions

Security and Rights in the Modern World

International Development and Emerging Markets

Sustainable Environments

Welfare and social policy

Dissertation (60 credits)


Independent applied research project


Placement/internship (60 credits)

 Specialist Pathways

The pathways are designed to give you the ability to tailor your studies to reflect personal or national interests as well as provide an issue-based focus for further in-depth analysis. In conjunction with this, you can also undertake dissertation and research projects that relate directly to your own work and national situations. You may combine modules from different pathways or choose to specialise in a particular pathway. Up to (but not more than) 40 credits of pathway options may be taken from outside the School of Politics, Economics and International Relations. All pathway options are also subject to availability.

Global and Regional Governance and Institutions

  • International Political Economy
  • Political Integration in Europe
  • American Politics and Public Policy
  • Regulation
  • International Money and Finance
  • Governance, Accountability and Development
  • European Legal Frameworks: Constitutionalism,
  • Citizenship and Democracy

Security and Rights in the Modern World

  • International Security Studies
  • The United Nations, Humanitarian Intervention and
  • Contemporary Warfare
  • Conflict in the Middle East
  • Terrorism in a Globalising World
  • International Law in Theory and Practice
  • Contemporary Issues in International Law

International Development and Emerging Markets

  • Macroeconomics for Developing Countries
  • Microeconomics for Developing Countries
  • Financial Development in Emerging Economies
  • Perspectives on Development
  • Appraisal of Agricultural and Rural Development Projects
  • Rethinking Agricultural Development

Sustainable Environments

  • Urban Economics
  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Economic Policy
  • Carbon and Renewable Energy Economics
  • Environment and Development: Problems and Policies
  • Environment and Development: Case Studies
  • Planning Theory, Politics and Practice

Welfare and Social Policy

  • Economics of Social Policy
  • Social Policy of Health and Ageing
  • Housing Economics
  • Poverty, Inequality and Livelihoods
  • Social Policies for Development
  • Microfinance

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