Two Rivers Press Collection

Two Rivers Press was founded in Reading in 1994 by Peter Hay (1951–2003), an artist and enthusiast for the town and its two rivers, the Kennet and the Thames. The press set out to explore 'the place where art and history meet' and has received widespread recognition for the quality of its productions.Illustration by Peter Hay from The drunken boat

The collection contains an almost complete run of the press' publications. Additions are made.

[Illustration, right, by Peter Hay from The drunken boat by Arthur Rimbaud, published by the Two Rivers Press in 1999. Reproduced with permission]

An exhibition was held in 2009 at the Special Collections Service, and later at the University Library, to celebrate 15 years of Two Rivers Press, with a display of books from the Two Rivers Press Collection, and related original artwork and rubber stamps from the Press's own archive.

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  • The collection is fully catalogued and appears on Enterprise
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