Stenton Library

The Stenton Library is the combined academic working libraries of Sir Frank Stenton (1880-1967) and Doris, Lady Stenton (1894-1971).

The library comprises some 4700 printed volumes, plus pamphlets and offprints. Both Stentons were medievalists and English medieval history is the emphasis of the collection. Other collection strengths include English history in general, religion and church history, local history, charters, law, and women’s history.

There are over 1100 pre-1851 English and continental works, including 53 STC and 198 Wing items. Among a number of maps and atlases is an early (pre-railway) boxed set of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey.

The Library also includes Stenton's Coin Collection.

Additions, both antiquarian and modern, are made, and some subscriptions are maintained.

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  • The printed books are catalogued and appear on Enterprise, about half with full records, the remainder with brief records
local history, economics & economic history, church history & theology, history, politics, University of Reading, women printed books (pre-1850), printed books (post-1850) Y stenton library

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