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Peter Fleming (1907-1971) began his career as a special correspondent for The Times on foreign expeditions, including several to China in the 1930s. He is best known for his travel books, Brazilian Adventure (1933) and News from Tartary (1936). After the war he remained in England, writing columns for The Times and The Spectator and producing a number of books on events from modern history.

The collection comprises correspondence, notes, photographs, news cuttings, typescripts and some manuscripts, including those of his historical works Bayonets to Lhasa, Invasion 1940, Siege at Peking, and The Fate of Admiral Kolchak.

Records of his Merrimoles estate at Nettlebed, Oxfordshire are in the Farm Records collection in the archives of the Museum of English Rural Life.

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  • Peter Fleming catalogue (337KB)

    Please note more work is being completed on the correspondence section of the catalogue and will be added soon.

  • Please also see FR MS 1392 for estate papers relating to Merrimoles prior to Peter Fleming's ownership and FR OXF18
  • A full description is available from our online database
  • Manuscript number MS 1391
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