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Late Roman Insula IX
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Reconstruction of the yard between
Buildings 1 and 5
Welcome to Late Roman Silchester! The Silchester Town Life Project is an ongoing research and training excavation exploring one part (Insula IX) of the large Roman town at Silchester from its origins before the Roman Conquest to its abandonment in the fifth century A.D. This website explores the archaeology of the Late Roman period at Silchester.
Using the links to the right, you can explore this site in three different ways: an Interactive Guide to Late Roman Silchester, a Structure Diagram which shows all the main elements of the archaeology and the relationships between them, or a Stratigraphic Matrix diagram which will be familar to all archaeologists. Alternatively, the links to the left provide direct access to the underlying Silchester project database.
Other Online Resources
A Guide to Silchester
A complete guide to the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum written by Michael Fulford for the Trustees of the Calleva Museum.
The Town Life Project
Further information on all aspects of the Town Life project.
The Victorian Excavation
Insula IX was first excavated in 1893 as part of a twenty-year project by the Society of Antiquaries of London.
The Field School
Information on the annual Silchester Field School including weekly Field School Diaries for each excavation season.
Interactive Guide
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Structure Diagram
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Stratigraphic Matrix
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