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How to connect your PC to the S drive

Once you have attended an Introduction to RISIS training session, and have been added as a user to the ITS firewalls and to the database itself, you should map your network drive to be able to use the database.

Go to My Computer

You will see the list of Network Drives displayed. To access RISIS you must use the S drive, so if you are already using that drive for a different purpose, you should right-click on that drive and disconnect it.

Go to Tools on the top bar of the open window, then to Map Network Drive.

A second window will have opened. Select S in the top box, and in the bottom box called Folder, type the following: \\sitsclient\sits$

Click on Finish

A new window will open up, with the folders of the S drive. Double click on the folder called SITS9_icons.

You will see the range of databases arrayed in this folder. The one you have been set up to use is the one called SITS_LIVE2012. Right click on the icon, then select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut). You will now have the icon displayed on your desktop.

If you like to use the Quick Launch toolbar, you can drag the icon down to the toolbar for insertion in the appropriate order.

Logging in

Enter your University username and password on the opening screen and click on OK, then on OK on the next screen.

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