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Managing Your Grant Checklist

Grant checklist procedure

Contracts, terms and conditions

  • Provide contact details for your co-applicant/partner institutions to your Contracts Manager in RES, if you have not already done so. They can work with them to put the relevant contracts, subcontracts or agreements in place.

  • Discuss with your co-applicants/partners that the University will need to send them a collaboration agreement and due diligence questionnaire to sign and complete - in order that they are ready to respond.

  • If you intend to pay an organisation or person to provide a service for your project and have not named them in your application, contact the Procurement Team to arrange a subcontract . Examples include, carrying out a feasibility study or providing a data set.

  • Contact Research Contracts Team to arrange contracts/subcontracts for named organisations providing core research services.

  • Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions within your contract, subcontract or agreements in order that you can maintain compliance for the duration of the project.

  • Familiarise yourself with the University's HR, finance and procurement policies.

Finance and purchasing

  • Purchase goods and services in compliance with the University procurement policy.

  • Speak to your departmental administrator about raising purchase orders in order to pay partners or subcontractors.

  • Review your financial reports monthly to check everything is correctly allocated and within budget.

  • Contact your school admin team or Research Accounts with any financial queries or concerns.

  • Speak to Research Accounts about an extension or variation to your budget.


  • Agree with any partners how you will monitor their performance (research and financial).

  • Familiarise yourself with the reporting requirements of your funder, so that you are prepared for what you need to do and when.

  • If your funder uses Researchfish, register for an account.

  • Submit all requested reports on time and in the requested format.

Staff and students

  • Decide on the best resourcing option for your project.

  • Speak to HR to begin the staff recruitment process where relevant.

  • Speak to the Graduate School to begin the student recruitment process where relevant.

  • Talk to your staff, student(s), external consultants and/or subcontractors about complying with the terms and conditions of the funding, including providing information about allowable expenses.

  • Review the training needs of you, your staff and students in order to manage your grant effectively for its duration, e.g. training in financial management.

  • Ensure timesheets are completed and submitted on time, if they are required by your funder for your project.

Associated areas and amendments

  • Develop contingency plans in case unexpected situations arise.

  • Draw up a data management plan and decide how you will implement it during your research.

  • Plan and implement your impact and engagement activities.

  • Read the University's Code of Good Practice in Research.

  • Regularly review whether there are any changes which you need to inform your funder and/or partners about - speak to Research Accounts and/or your Contracts Manager in RES for advice before contacting them.

  • Contact the Doctoral Research Office to complete a suspension/extension request form if your student requires it.

Download the Checklist

This checklist is also available as a download - Managing Your Grant Checklist (PDF)