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Impact and the Social Sciences

The following slides give examples of types of impact in the Social Sciences.

Impact and the Social Sciences

Impact case studies

Impact was assessed as part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 through impact case studies. The following links give the Social Sciences Impact case studies submitted by the University of Reading to the REF.

UoA 16: Architecture, Built Environment and Planning

Commercial leases policy and practice

Making the built environment & public transport more user friendly for visually

Research informs new British Standard for construction procurement, benefitting

Understanding & integrating communities through neighbourhood planning process

UoA 17: Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology

Enhancing heritage management & capacity building European wetland archaeology

Improving public understanding of social diversity in Roman Britain

Silchester town live project; enhancing public awareness, knowledge of the archa

Enhancing support for young carers & families affected by HIV

Improving the provision of climate & weather inf. to smallholders in Africa

Supporting the analysis & development of housing policy to increase affordabilit

UoA 19: Business and Management

Enhancing government (UK Trade & Investment) performance through improving UK SM

Impact on European Union Horizon 2020 research co-operation policy

Improving targeting of subsidies for inward direct investments into the UK

Improving organisation attainment through increasing trust in stakeholder relati

Influencing United Nations 'technical advice to emerging economies'

UoA 20: Law

Community of property: informing law reform on matrimonial property agreement

Enhancing understanding of Sharia family law in England & Wales

NHS treatment rationing and priority-setting

Reshaping the policy debate around public perceptions of the regulation of H&S

UoA 21: Politics and International Studies

Defending & exemplifying the importance of classical strategy to military practi

Improving public understanding of debate about democratic reform

Improving UK anti-corruption policy in stabilisation environments

UoA 25: Education

Enhancing foreign language listening strategies and motivation

Increasing understanding of the importance of phonics in the development of EYR

Resourcing multilingual education in Africa

All University of Reading Impact case studies can be found at the following link:

Impact case studies from competitor institutions can be found at the following link:

A searchable database of all REF case studies is at the following link: