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Polymer Science Centre

SAXS pattern of an array of aligned PCL  nanofibres  prepared by electrospinning

The Polymer Science Centre at the University of Reading is a multi-disciplinary programme focused  on synthetic and natural polymeric materials and which is tackling global issues in the areas of:

• Reducing the environmental impact of plastic and rubber based materials and products;

• Creating nanostructured polymers with novel properties and applications;

• Designing new processes and materials for rapid manufacturing;

• Enhancing security for people, documents and brands;

• Developing materials and devices for medical applications.

The Polymer Science Centre is part of the University-wide Research Theme on Nanoscience and Materials


Opportunities for visitors and international students (PhD and MSc) in nanoscience projects concerned with the preparation of nanofibres using electro-spinning, nanotube composites and understanding the early stages of polymer crystallisation contact polymer@reading.ac.uk for more information. 


VR@P2009 - The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping will be held in Leiria, Portugal October 2009. more

Polymeric Biomaterials Conference - A two-day meeting to review recent developments in the field of polymeric biomaterials, including those based on proteins, polysaccharides and biodegradable polymers - Reading April 2009 more


43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress: Polymer Science in the Service of Society, 11-16 July 2010, Glasgow, UK

The 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress, 'Macro2010' Glasgow July 2010 more


The Polymer Science Centre welcomes Dr Daniel Lopez  Polymer Science and Technology Institute Madrid

Recent Publications

  • S. Wangsoub and G.R.Mitchell Shear controlled crystal size definition in a low molar mass compound using a polymeric solvent Soft Matter, 2009, 5, 525

  • S.Sen, F.J.Davis, G.R.Mitchell and E.Robinson Conducting Nanofibres Produced by Electrospinning J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 183 12020 2009 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/183/1/012020 

  • S.D.Mohan, F.J.Davis, G.R.Mitchell and R.H.Olley Electrospinning Atactic-Polystyrene: A Neutron Scattering Study J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 183 12019 2009 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/183/1/012019

  • D.E.Elliott, F.J.Davis, G.R.Mitchell and R.H.Olley Structure development in electrospun fibres of gelatin J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 183 12021 2009 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/183/1/012021

  • M.H.K.Peace and G.R.Mitchell Conductive Elastomeric Composites J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 183 12011 2009 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/183/1/012011

  • S.M. Tambe, A.A. Kittur, S.R. Inamdar, G.R. Mitchell and M.Y. Kariduraganavar Synthesis and characterization of thermally stable second-order nonlinear optical side-chain polyimides containing thiazole and benzothiazole push–pull chromophores Optical Materials 2009, 31, 817–825

Recent Conference Presentations

Invited lecture at EUROMAT2009 in Glasgow on 'Processing natural polymers for biomedical applications' - Lecture 'Scaffold Design and Fabrication through Rapid Manufacturing' - Poster Controlled preparation of nanofibrils from low molar compounds in a polymer matrix
  SAS2009 - Lectures - 'Directing the crystallisation of polymers using self-assembling nanoparticles' - 'Extracting quantitative data from SAXS/SANS data for anisotropic systems' - Poster 'Chain Trajectories in Electrospun Polystyrene Fibres'
logo image EU FP7  NaPolyNet Setting up research ­intensive clusters across the EU on characterization of polymer nanostructure  more
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