2024 Postgraduate programme specifications by alphabetical order

These Programme Specifications are in pdf format and relate to programmes commencing in the academic year 2024-25


PGCert Academic Practice
MSc Accounting, Financial Management & Digital Business
MSc Advanced Clinical Practice
LLM Advanced Legal Studies
MSc Advancing Healthcare Practice
MSc/PGDip/PGCert Advancing Healthcare Practice
MSc (Research) Agricultural and Food Economics
MSc Agricultural Economics
MSc Agriculture and Development
MSc (Research) Agriculture, Ecology and Environment
MSc Applied Economics
MSc Applied International Development
MA Applied Linguistics
MA Applied Management Part-time.
MSc Applied Meteorology and Climate
MSc Applied Meteorology and Climate with Management
MA Archaeology
MSc Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate


MSc Behavioural Finance
MA Board Practice and Directorship Part-time.
PGDip Business Administration (Post-DAS Registration)
MSc Business and Management Research Part-time.
MSc Business Economics
MSc by Research Biomedicine
MSc by Research Economics
Msc by Research Entomology
MA by Research Film, Theatre and Television


MSc (Res) Chemical Research
MRes Children's Literature
GradDip Children's Wellbeing Practitioner training
PGDip Children's Wellbeing Practitioner training New for 2024.
MA Classics and Ancient History
MSc Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence
MSc Climate Change, Sustainable Business and Green Finance
MSc Coaching for Behavioural Change Part-time.
MSc /PG Dip Cognitive Neuroscience
MA Communication Design (with pathways in Book Design, Information Design, Typeface Design, Graphic Design)
MSc Communication for Development
MA Conflict and International Security New for 2024.
MSc Construction Cost Management (Full-time/Part-time/Flexible)
MSc Construction Management (Full-time/Flexible)
MSc Consumer Behaviour
MSc Corporate Finance
MA Creative Writing


MSc Data and Decision Analysis (in Nanjing)
MSc Data Science (UoR-NUIST Academy)
MSc Data Science and Advanced Computing
MSc Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments (Full-time/Flexible)
MSc Development Finance
MSc Development Planning
MSc Digital and Technology Solutions Part-time.
MSc Digital Business and Data Analytics (full-time and part-time)
MSc Digital Innovation (full-time and part-time)
MSc Digital Marketing
EdD Doctorate in Education


MSc Ecological Survey Skills with placement
MSc Economics
MA Education
PGCert Education (International)
PGCert Education (Reflective Practice)
GradDip Education Mental Health Practitioner Training New for 2024.
PGDip Education Mental Health Practitioner Training New for 2024.
MA English Language Education (with Guangdong University)
MA English Literature
MSc Entrepeneurship and Financing
MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MSc Environment, Climate Change and Development
MSc Environmental Management
PGDip Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment (High Intensity) New for 2024.
PGDip Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment for Children and Young People (High Intensity) New for 2024.
PGCert Evidence-Based Supervision New for 2024.


MA Film and Creative Enterprise
MSc Finance
MSc Finance and Financial Technology
MSc Financial Regulation MSc PT (FCA) Part-time.
MSc Financial Risk Management
MA Fine Art
MSc Food Economics and Marketing
MSc Food Science
MSc Food Security and Development
MSc Food Technology Quality Assurance


PGCert Government Property Leadership (Office of Government Property) Part-time.


PGCert Healthcare Education (BOB ICS) (part-time)
MBA Henley Executive MBA Part-time.
MBA Henley Flexible Executive MBA Part-time.
MA History


Master in Architecture
PGCert Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals New for 2024.
GradCert Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Nurses (part-time) New for 2024.
PGCert Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Nurses (part-time) New for 2024.
PGCert Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Pharmacists (part-time) New for 2024.
MSc Informatics New for 2024.
MSc International Accounting and Finance
MSc International Business
MSc International Business (12 month programme)
MSc International Business and Digital Transformation (UoR-MIP partnership)
MSc International Business and Finance
LLM International Commercial Law (with pathways)
MSc International Human Resource Management
LLM International Law
MSc International Management
MA International Relations and Diplomacy New for 2024.
PGCert Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (non-clinical) New for 2024.
MSc Investment Management


MSc Language Sciences
MRes Law
MA Leadership
PGDip Leadership (Post-DAS Registration)
MSc Leadership and Strategic Studies Part-time.
PG Cert Leadership and Strategic Studies (AHEP) (part-time by distance learning) Part-time.
MSC Leadership and Strategic Studies (Executive) (AHEP) (part-time by distance) Part-time.
MSc Leadership and Strategic Studies for Senior Soldier Entry Officers (Executive) (part-time by distance) Part-time.


MSc Management
MSc Management for Future Leaders Part-time.
PGDip Management for Future Leaders (Post-DAS Registration)
MSc Marketing (International Marketing/Sustainable Marketing)
MA Migration and Intercultural Studies


MSc Nutrition and Food Science


PGCert PG Certificate in Early Years Practice
PGCert/PGDip Pharmacy Practice (part-time)
MA by Research Philosophy
MSc Physician Associate Studies
MRes Politics and International Relations
PGCE Primary Education
PgCE Primary Professional Graduate Certificate in Education with QTS New for 2024.
MSc Project Management (Full-time/Flexible)
GradCert Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Training New for 2024.
PGCert Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Training New for 2024.
MSc Psychology Conversion
MSc Public Policy


MSc Real Estate
MSc Real Estate (Flexible) Part-time.
MSc Real Estate Finance
MSc Real Estate Investment and Finance (Flexible) Part-time.
MSc Renewable Energy: Technology and Sustainability (Full-time/Flexible)
MSc/PGDip Research Methods in Psychology


PGCE Secondary Education
Senior Leader Appenticeship (Business Administration)
Senior Leader Apprenticeship (Leadership)
Senior Leader Apprenticeship (Management for Future Leaders)
MSc Spatial Planning and Development (full-time and part-time)
MSc Speech and Language Therapy
PGCert Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals


MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
MSc Theory and Practice in Clinical Psychology (with clinical placement)
MSc Theory and Practice in Clinical Psychology (with research placement)
MRes Typeface Design (part-time, distance learning)
MA by Research Typography & Graphic Communication


MSc Urban Planning and Development
MSc Urban Planning and Development

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