Minibus regulations


If you hire and/or drive a minibus on behalf of the University please read the following guides:


Please note

If you hire a minibus on the business of the University, you must display a "Section 19 Minibus Permit" (also known as a "Small Bus Permit"). Email to obtain a permit.

Following a Health and Safety Committee meeting it was agreed that the 'Driving for Work' Policy be amended, to require all drivers of all minibuses to have a category D1 driving licence, and not to rely on a legal exemption for drivers of smaller minibuses which could be driven on a car licence. The existence of the exemption was causing confusion, which could lead people to drive who were not legally entitled to do so. It was reported that all Schools likely to be impacted by this change had been consulted informally and most had already accepted that their drivers should have D1 licence and associated training.


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