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Professor Philip Stratton-Lake – University of Reading

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Professor Philip Stratton-Lake

Professor Philip Stratton-Lake
Job Title:



Research Division Leader
Unit of Assessment Lead
Post Graduate Admissions

Areas of Interest

Moral Philosophy, including moral realism, axiology, moral epistemology, ethical intuitionism, and Kant's ethics.

Ongoing research in Monograph on Rossian pluralism, and various articles on moral epistemology, the buck-passing account of value, achievement and well-being, and meaningfulness.

Prof. Stratton-Lake is author of Kant, Duty, and Moral Worth, and is editor of Ethical Intuitionism: Re-evaluations, On what We Owe to Each Other, W. D. Ross's The Right and the Good, and the section on German Idealism in the Edinburgh Encyclopaedia of Continental Philosophy.

PhD Supervision:

I am happy to supervise doctoral research projects in the following areas:

  • Ethical Intuitionism
  • Kant's moral philosophy
  • Metaethics
  • Normative ethics

Outside interests:

  • Associate Editor of Kantian Review;
  • Council member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

See Professor Philip Stratton-Lake's personal page.

Research groups / Centres


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