Staff Profile:Dr Nat Hansen

In 2016-17, Hansen will be a Visiting Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center, in the USA.
Areas of Interest:

Philosophy of Language (contextualism, experimental semantics and pragmatics, the meaning of color terms)

Undergraduate Modules Frequently Taught:

Part One: Reason and Argument
Part Three: Philosophy of Language 

Nat received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 2010 and has held postdoctoral research fellowships at Umeå University in Sweden and at the Institut Jean-Nicod in Paris. His research concerns the intersection of philosophy of language, linguistics and psychology, with a focus on experimental evidence for semantic and pragmatic theories, the nature of context sensitivity, and the meaning of color terms.

PhD supervision

I am happy to supervise doctoral research in any of the following areas: any topic in philosophy of language (especially contextualism), contextualism in epistemology, the role of experiments in philosophy and semantics and pragmatics, the philosophy of J.L. Austin and ordinary language philosophy.

Please view my personal website here

Research groups / Centres:
Nat is a member of the Centre for Cognition Research at the University of Reading.
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