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Catherine Langran

  • Associate Professor in Pharmacy Education
  • Director of Experiential Learning
  • Lead for Teacher Practitioners

Areas of interest

Catherine's research interests lie in both Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Education.

Postgraduate supervision

Catherine supervises 4th year research project students undertaking community, primary care and hospital based service evaluations and audits.

Research projects

Recent research presentations:

"Student health checks: a novel approach to PPI" oral presentation at Patient and Public Involvement and pharmacy education workshop (GPhC 2011)

"A pharmacy student led service as perceived by other students" poster presentation (HSRPP conference 2012). Awarded 1st prize in the poster presentations.

"Can an on-site clinical experience be as good as or better than learning from lectures, PBLs, workshops and external placements?" oral presentation (ISPW 2012)

"Can pharmacy students improve other students' health? An evaluation of a pharmacy student led health check service" oral presentation (RPS conference 2012) Research groups / Centres:


Catherine graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2003, going on to complete her pre-registration training and residency at Nottingham City Hospital. Catherine worked at Sherwood Forest Hospital for 2 years as a medical admissions and anticoagulant pharmacist, before moving to Frimley Park Hospital to be their Education and Training Pharmacist.

In this role Catherine planned, implemented, provided and led the training and education for undergraduate pharmacy and medical students, pre-and post-registration pharmacists, nurses and doctors (FY1 to consultant level) at the hospital. Catherine led the department mentor and assessor scheme, was a CPD facilitator, produced the departmental annual training plan and worked with the medical education manager to produce an education strategy and action plan for the Deanery annual review.

Catherine made the transition from hospital pharmacy to academia in 2011 when she took on the role of senior teaching fellow in pharmacy practice at the University of Reading. Catherine's current role focuses on undergraduate pharmacy student teaching. Catherine convenes the Integrated Patient Care module (PM4ES7), which includes running student led health checks and the OSCEs.

Catherine contributes to the teaching in all Pharmacy Practice modules and two Therapeutics modules. Catherine is the Part 3 Academic Tutor, Inter-professional Education lead, OSCE lead, a member of the Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Group, careers advisor and 3rd year hospital placement co-ordinator.

In 2011, Catherine and Angela Alexander (Professor of Pharmacy Education) received funding from the University of Reading Annual Fund to set up a pharmacy student led health check service for other students. Catherine surveyed other university students about willingness to participate in lifestyle checks, likelihood of attending compared to other providers, which checks they would be interested in and their views on a peer-support service run by pharmacy students.

Catherine set up the health check service in November 2011 and based on its success it continues to run as part of the year 4 PM4ES7 module. Catherine collected data from pharmacy students on the educational benefits of undertaking health checks on real patients. Additionally Catherine surveyed participants after their health check on their experience of the service and the likelihood they will make a healthy lifestyle change as a result of the service.

In 2014, Catherine and Terry Ng (Teacher Practitioner) received funding from the University of Reading Teaching and Learning Development Fund for the project "Enhancing student experience through real patient contact". The project aims explore the educational benefits of public and patient involvement in MPharm teaching.