The Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education and Training (CIPPET)

Marina and SanjayThe Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education and Training (CIPPET) is a centre within the School of Pharmacy at the University of Reading.

One of its objectives is to support the Department of Health aim:

  • To secure a flexible, appropriately trained and enthusiastic workforce, equipped to perform current and future tasks within rapidly changing pharmaceutical services in the community and in hospitals. (Department of Health 2002: The Pharmacy Workforce in the NHS.)

To achieve that aim CIPPET is providing training for new roles such as Prescribing, and working in general practice.  Workshops to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are planned to meet the needs of local pharmacists.

The Postgraduate Diploma/Masters Programmes will reflect the need for a flexible, modular approach which complements developments in the professional working life.

Our research agenda will ensure that education, training and practice developments within the profession are evidence based.

CIPPET is located in the JJ Thomson Building, building number 3 on the Whiteknights campus map.

Our full posting address is:
Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education & Training (CIPPET)
School of Pharmacy
University of Reading
JJ Thomson Building, Room 119
Reading RG6 6AF

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