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  • Meet the team in the School of Pharmacy

    At the University of Reading

Meet the Team

Head of Department

Professor Katrina Bicknell

Executive Support Staff

Sandra Whitaker

Academic Staff

Pharmacy Practice


Position and Responsibilities

Research interests

Zeenat Beg Graduate Teaching Assistant Exploring undergraduate pharmacy students' academic resilience
Ruth Botting Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist  
Shaf Choudhury Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy practice 

Professor Parastou Donyai

Professor of Social and Cognitive Pharmacy

Director of Pharmacy Practice

Social psychology of pharmacy, adherence, prescribing, medication beliefs

Ritienne Fenech Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist  

Daniel Grant

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Education

Teaching and Learning Dean

Dr Amelia Hollywood

Lecturer in Health Services Research

Health psychology, behaviour change and obesity

Pooja Kashyap Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy practice including law and ethics, services and community pharmacy
Victoria Kleanthous Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist  

Catherine Langran

Associate Professor in Pharmacy Education

School Director of Teaching and Learning

Director of Experiential Learning

Lead for Teacher Practitioners

Pharmacy education, clinical pharmacy

Dr Rosemary Lim

Associate Professor in Medication Use and Safety

Human factors, organisational resilience, medication safety, diabetes (insulin), dementia, antimicrobial resistance, non-medical prescribing, qualitative research, patient and public involvement

Mary-Ann Ling Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice  Pharmacy practice

Dr Nilesh Patel

Associate Professor in Pharmacy

MPharm Programme Director

Clinical pharmaceutics, pharmacists in general practice and evaluation of pharmacy services

Gurinder Singh Purewal Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist

Pharmacy practice, providing clinical pharmacy services to patients in care homes, medicines management in care homes and a special interest in dementia and elderly care

Kim Ridout

Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist

Elderly care, frailty, polypharmacy

Ramin Saleh Graduate Teaching Assistant  Experiences of pain and pain management in elite athletes and the general population with chronic pain

Ravi Savania

Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Department Director of Teaching and Learning

Pharmacy practice

Sabbah Sawsen Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist  

Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Position and Responsibilities

Research interests

Dr Sarah Allman Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry

Chemical biology, carbohydrates, glycan analysis, glycan processing enzymes, cell signalling, autophagy, glycoprotein degradation

Dr Hisham Al-Obaidi

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Engineering amorphous and crystalline materials for drug delivery purposes, the use of co-crystals and amorphous dispersions in Pulmonary and oral drug delivery, encapsulation of bioactives into more complex carriers

Dr Sam Bizley

Lecturer in Pharmacy

Dr John Brazier

Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Director of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

DNA structure and function, Nucleic Acid targeting

Ryan Coones Graduate Teaching Assistant in Pharmaceutical Science The effects of polyphenols on lipid bilayers

Dr Alexander Edwards

Associate Professor in Biomedical Technology

Impact Lead

Diagnostics, microfluidics, miniaturisation, digital technology for healthcare, vaccines, vaccine formulation, formulation of biologics, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology commercialisation

Dr Francesca Greco

Associate Professor in Drug Delivery

Pharmacy Research Division Lead

Drug delivery, nanomedicines, polymer-drug conjugates, cancer

Professor Rebecca Green

Professor of Biophysical Chemistry

Admissions Tutor and Programme Director for MPAS Physician Associate Studies


Dr James Hall

Associate Professor of Biomolecular Structure and Educational Technology

Admissions Tutor for MPharm Pharmacy

Nucleic acid structure, damage and drug interactions

Dr Elena Kabova

Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Professor Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy

Professor of Formulation Science

Pharmacy Director of Postgraduate Recruitment; Programme Director for MSc (by Research) in Formulation Design and Analysis

Transmucosal drug delivery (ocular, nasal, oral and intravesical), mucoadhesive materials, mucosa-penetration, hydrogels, nanoparticles, pharmaceutical polymers, stimuli-responsive polymers, encapsulation technologies

Professor Helen Osborn

Professor of Biomedicinal Chemistry

Deputy Head of School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy

School Athena SWAN lead

Medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, prodrugs, cancer, bacterial infections, carbohydrates

Professor Kenneth Shankland

Professor of Pharmaceutical Crystallography

Crystallography of molecular materials, powder X-ray diffraction, single-crystal X-ray diffraction

Professor Katja Strohfeldt -Venables

Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Education

Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Synthesis and evaluation of metal-based anti-cancer agents, quality assurance of herbal medicine

Professor Adrian Williams

Professor of Pharmaceutics

Research Dean

Medicines design, topical and transdermal drug delivery, poorly-water soluble drugs



Position and Responsibilities

Research interests

Dr Silvia Amadesi

Associate Professor in Pharmacology

School Director of Academic Tutoring

Serine proteases, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration

Professor Katrina Bicknell

Professor in Cardiovascular and Regenerative Medicine

Head of Department

Dr Angela Bithell

Associate Professor in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Pharmacy Athena SWAN Lead

Pharmacy Research Division Lead

Stem cell biology, neuroscience, developmental neurobiology, neurodegeneration, epigenetics, functional 3D in vitro neuronal networks, glia in health and disease

Dr Leanne Black Lecturer in Pharmacology  

Dr Graeme Cottrell

Associate Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Director of Postgraduate Progression

G protein-coupled receptors, ion channels, receptors, trafficking, signalling, migraine, inflammation

Dr Mark Dallas

Associate Professor in Cellular Neuroscience

Pharmacy Outreach/Marketing Lead

School Director of Outreach

Neurodegeneration, glial biology, gasotransmitters, ion channels/transporters

Dr Lizzy Lander Lecturer in Pharmacology and Health Sciences Diversity & inclusion in teaching, cellular receptors (GPCRs) and their roles in health and disease
Dr Maria Maiaru Lecturer in Pharmacology Pain mechanisms, pharmacology of chronic pain, autophagy, neurodegeneration

Dr Alister McNeish

Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Pharmacy Exams Officer

Pharmacology of ion channels in vascular function, molecular mechanism of omega 3 fatty acids in vascular function, effects of cannabinoids in epilepsy/seizure, neurovascular interactions in epilepsy/seizure. Methods include: electrophysiology, myography, molecular biology, and behavioural

Professor Gary Stephens

Professor of Pharmacology

Director of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Admissions Tutor for BSc Pharmacology

Presynaptic calcium channels, G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR), plant derived cannabinoids, inhibitory neurotransmission in the cerebellum

Dr Francesco Tamagnini

Lecturer in Pharmacology

Neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, neurodegeneration, hippocampal learning and memory, perirhinal cortex function, visual recognition memory, functional maturation of stem cell derived neurons, neuronal excitability

Professor Sakthivel Vaiyapuri

Professor in Cardiovascular & Venom Pharmacology Cardiovascular, platelets, thrombosis, inflammation, venom toxicology

Dr Darius Widera

Associate Professor in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Study Abroad and ERASMUS Coordinator

Stem cells, inflammation, extracellular vesicles, regeneration, signal transduction



Position and Responsibilities

Research interests

Sanjay Desai

Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET)

Primary care, clinical pharmacists, diabetes
Kate Fletcher

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Education & Practice

Programme Director - MSc Clinical Pharmacy Practice

 Pharmacy education
Jan Glaze Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET)  
Caroline Gowlett Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET) Point of care testing, primary care, elderly care, sepsis management
Nicola Green Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET) Acute medicine, frailty, deprescribing, antimicrobial stewardship

Kat Hall

Associate Professor of Clinical Education

Director of Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education and Training (CIPPET)

Clinical education, postgraduate taught education, independent prescribing, workplace-based education and training, interprofessional education, neonatal care, medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Amareen Kamboh

Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET)

Programme Director - Postgraduate Diploma in Foundation Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy practice, postgraduate, education

Tim Langran

Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET)

Primary care, clinical pharmacists, diabetes

Sue Slade

Senior Teaching Fellow (CIPPET)

Pharmacist Lead for Independent Prescribing Programme

Physician Associate Programme


Position and Responsibilities

Dr Sarah Greenwood

Associate Professor in Physician Associate Studies

Dr Ishac Jalisi Lecturer Physician Associate Programme

Dr Simone Magee

Academic Director Physician Associate Programme

Dr Richard Perry

Lecturer Physician Associate Programme

Sam Warrior

Lecturer Physician Associate Programme


Research Staff


Email address

Cristiana-Ioanna Bercea
Julie Hart
Sarah Needs

Emeritus and Visiting Staff


Professor Angela Alexander

Professor Vincenza Andrisano
Professor Gavin Brooks

Dr Marc Brown

Dr Clare Crowley

Dr Joanne Kitchen

Dr Patrick Lewis
Professor Luigi Martini

Dr Charles McKenna

Dr Rosa Montero

Professor Alan Palmer

Dr Mark Parry

Dr Clare Rawlinson Malone

Professor Kath Ryan

Dr Arif Shivji

Dr Nicola Stoner

Professor Phillip Strange

Professor Ben Whalley

Professor Elizabeth Williamson

Dr Stephen Wright

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