Staff Profile:Dr Georgina Dodd

Dr Georgina Dodd
Job Title:
Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher on a project investigating whether vascular reactivity and brain blood flow mediate the cognitive benefits of flavonoid supplementation
  • Organising Research Group Meetings
Areas of Interest:
  • Cardiometabolic health
  • Brain and cognition
Research groups / Centres:
  • Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
  • Nutrition Psychology Lab Group

Farran, E.K., Dodd, G. F. (in press). Drawing ability in typical and atypical development; the effect of colour cues. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.

Kean, R. J., Lamport, D. J., Dodd, G. F., Freeman, J. E., Williams, C. M., Ellis, J. A., Butler, L.T. & Spencer, J. P. E. (2015). Chronic supplementation of flavanone-rich orange juice is associated with cognitive benefits: an 8-wk, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in healthy older adults. Am J Clin Nutr, 101, 1-9.

Hutter, R. C., Wood, C. & Dodd, G. F. Resolving conflicting social categories: the role of age-related executive ability. British Journal of Psychology, 103(1), 28-43.

Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 7873

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