Anne Marie Minihane

Name and title

Dr Anne M Minihane, Reader in Integrative Nutrition


BSc Nutrition & Biochemistry University College Cork (UCC),


Ph.D.NutritionInstitute of Food Research (IFR),

(1996)Norwich, UK and UCC

Dissertation title: Dietary factors influencing iron bioavailability

Previous employment


Reader in Integrative Nutrition

School of Chemistry, Food Biosciences and Pharmacy, University of Reading



School of Food Biosciences, University of Reading


Postdoctoral Fellow

Hugh Sinclair Nutrition Group, University of Reading


Nutrition Scientist

Ashbourne Biosciences, Reading Innovation Centre, UK

Current staff/students

Dr Mary Chong (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Trevor George (Researcher)

Susie Pollard (Researcher)

Michele Robinson (Research Nurse)

Barbel Assmann (Visiting Scientist)

Postgraduate students

Chris Armah (UK): Fish oil fatty acids and the cardiovascular phenotype

Bettina Kofler (Germany): Impact of dietary fatty on risk indicators of the metabolic syndrome

Wachira Jirarattanarangsri (Thailand): Dietary fatty acid composition and vascular function

Bonhi Bhattacharya (UK): Lipoproteins, diet and genotype: mathematical models of the interaction of lipoproteins and hepatocytes

Anestis Dougkas (Greece): Dairy constituents, adiposity and body weight regulation

Roz Moore (UK): Green tea catechins, genotype and vascular function

Virtu Calabuig-Navarro (Spain): The impact of fatty acid composition and apoE genotype on VLDL and LDL composition and metabolism

Virginia Govoni (Italy): eNOS genotype, flavonols and vascular function

External responsibilities

Members of the Nutrition Society Nutritional 'Omics' theme

Invited member of the Biosciences for Business (Knowledge Transfer Network funded) sub-committee on 'Nutrition for Optimum health and Well-Being'

External consultant for a number of organisations, with recent examples including Dow AgroSciences (US), Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)(UK), Healthspan (UK) and The Fat Panel (who represent the UK spreads industry)

Regular reviewer of grant applications and final reports for the FSA, BBSRC, Wellcome and Programme de Recherche en Alimentation et nutrition humaine (PNRA, France)

Act as referee of manuscripts for a variety of high impact journals at a rate of approximately 3 per month

Actively involved in the European Network of Excellence (NuGo) network of excellence. I coordinate the Reading contribution to the activities of WP6 (human studies)

Receive approximately 4-6 invitations per year to present at national and international conferences, including a number of plenaries.

Regularly receive requests for training position from international researchers

Invited expert and presented at the FSA sponsored alpha-linolenic acid workshop, Dec 2002

Invited international expert at Unilever Best Foods 'Improving Cardiovascular Health for Better Quality of Life' Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2006

Have acted as human nutrition advisor to the FSA 'Advisory Committee on Animal Foodstuffs'

Co-editor of a book entitled 'Effect of the environment on the health benefits of organic food' due to be published in Aug 2008.

Teaching responsibilities

None at present as on University of Reading, Excellence in Research Sabatical (Oct 2007-Sept 2009)





Prof Gerald Rimbach

Dr Rosalynn Gill Garrison

Prof Jose Ordovas

Lipgene Consortium:

25 partners in 12 European countries

in particular

Prof Mike/Gibney

Prof Christan Drevon

NuGo Consortium

25 partners in 10 European countries

University of Kiel, Germany

Sciona, US

Tufts University Boston

Belgium, Finland, France, UK, Germany, Eire, Netherlands,

Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,

Trinity College Dublin, Eire

University of Oslo, Norway

Italy, France, UK, Germany, Eire, Netherlands,

Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden,


Prof Chris Packard/Dr Muriel Caslake

Dr Georg Lietz/Prof John Mathers

Prof Philip Calder

Profs Steve Humphries &Philipa Talmud

Dr Brendan O Malley

Drs Louise Brown & Andrew May

Dr Sue Gatenby

University of Glasgow

University of Newcastle

University of Southampton


Lipids System Biology Group, Unilever

Unilever Corporate Research



Telephone: +44 (0) 118 378 8719 (internal 8719)
Email Address: a.m.minihane@

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