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Robotic Surveillance Project launched – University of Reading

Release Date : 17 December 2004

IXEurope, Europe's specialist data centre services company, is to link up with the University of Reading's Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) to fund a research project with the aim of developing a robot featuring cleaning, monitoring and surveillance capabilities. The robot, based on an existing 'autonomous' robot - with sensors and electronics that enable it to clean a room without direct human intervention – will be equipped to monitor IXEurope's data centres whilst it cleans. As well as providing technical expertise, IXEurope will be funding the project for a final year Cybernetics MEng Student at the University. The project will take twelve months to complete, after which time the robot will be deployed at IXEurope's 7,500m2 London West IXDatacentre where it will provide monitoring, surveillance and maintenance services. The robot will monitor the environmental conditions within the datacentre and will be linked back to IXEurope's central control room and surveillance systems. Guy Willner, IXEurope CEO, commented: "As part of IXEurope's commitment to technical research and development, this is a very exciting project for both the company and the University of Reading. It looks set to discover real-life deployments of the kinds of artificial intelligence technology that we have been seeing in development for the last twenty years. The robot's dual function will allow us to see how further deployments of autonomous technology could benefit our clients and our staff." Dr Victor Becerra, Chair of Reading's Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG), and MSc Programme Director, added: "Continuing advancements in technology mean that Cybernetics will take on a role of ever-increasing importance in day-to-day life, both in the home and at work. Working with IXEurope on this project will give a talented future engineer the support needed to develop his ideas further whilst providing them with an imaginative, forward-thinking and highly beneficial scientific application for their business." end Contact Information Guy Willner ixeurope plc 0207 533 6618


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