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University of Reading's contribution to the IPCC process – University of Reading

Release Date : 15 October 2007

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – which includes a number of University of Reading scientists - has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Al Gore for its work to inform the world of the risks of climate change. Scientists at the University of Reading have made a significant contribution to the IPCC, and share in the honour bestowed upon it.

The IPCC has been instrumental in bringing the issue of climate change to world's attention. It is now accepted unequivocally that the world is warming and that we are already seeing adverse impacts; that humans are very likely to blame for the warming and that we will see climate change worsen over the 21st century.

Scientists at the University of Reading have made significant contributions to the IPCC process since its inception in 1988.

Our scientists have contributed to all four of the major assessment reports and other special reports and technical papers. There a number of key areas where Reading researchers have contributed.

In the Department of Meteorology, Prof Keith Shine's work has led to more accurate assessments of the warming effect of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere, including new industrial chemicals. Sir Brian Hoskins is a world authority on the climate system, particularly storms. Sir Brian has also made major contributions in communicating the science of climate change to policymakers and other audiences. Prof Jonathan Gregory has made vital contributions to our understanding of sea level rise and the melting of ice sheets.

Prof Julia Slingo heads the National Centre for Atmospheric Science Climate Programme, a team which has world leading expertise in understanding, modelling and predicting climate change.

Prof Tony Slingo and Dr Richard Allan from the Environmental Systems Science Centre (ESSC) have also been involved through their work to understand how the forcing and feedbacks within the climate system.

Prof Nigel Arnell, Director of the Walker Institute for Climate System Research at the University of Reading has been a co-author on several of the IPCC reports and is an expert in the impacts of climate on the world's water resources.

Dr Tim Wheeler, from the Department of Agriculture, has made contributions on the impacts of climate on agriculture and food security.

Kathy Maskell and Dr Maria Noguer, now working at the Walker Institute, have both been editors of the IPCC assessment reports.

Notes to editors:

The scientists mentioned above are available for interview.

Please contact: Kathy Maskell, Walker Institute Communications Manager 0118 378 7380 or the University Press Office on 0118 378 7388.

The groups and Departments involved at the University of Reading are:

Walker Institute for Climate System Research

Department of Meteorology

Department of Agriculture, Crops and Climate group

Environmental Systems Science Centre


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