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Coral Reefs: Climate Change and Sustainability – University of Reading

Release Date : 29 November 2004

coralCoral reefs are tropical marine ecosystems of great biodiversity; 'the rainforests of the sea'. In the next of the University's fascinating Public Lecture Series, Professor James Crabbe reviews the importance of these reefs and how climate change may influence the management of coral reefs throughout the world. The lecture, Coral reefs: Climate change and sustainability, takes place at 8pm on Tuesday 7 December at the Palmer Lecture Theatre on the University's Whiteknights campus. Professor Crabbe will use his experience of working on the coral reefs of South East Sulawesi in Indonesia to give an intriguing insight into this important topic. "Among their many biological and economic values, the reefs provide food – notably fish and invertebrates such as shellfish," he says. "They are also an important source of medicines and protect the coasts from wave erosion. Furthermore they provide islands and white sand beaches which are so vital to tourist resorts." Professor Crabbe is Head of the School of Animal and Microbial Sciences at the University of Reading. He has several degrees, including an MA from Oxford and a DSc from Manchester. In his lecture he will discuss some of the causes of coral reef destruction and degradation. "The corals are affected by a variety of agents, many of which humans are responsible for. Ships running into reefs and laying anchor, sediments from land run-off owing to deforestation, and pollution, often in areas of coastal development, all contribute to the problems facing our reefs." This talk is the third in an extremely popular series of lectures organised by the University. All of the lectures are free to attend and no ticket is required. For further information, please visit the following website: or contact Alison Fabian in the University's Communications Office on (tel) 0118 378 7110 or (email) Event Public Lecture – Coral Reefs: Climate Change and Sustainabilty Location Palmer Lecture Theatre, Whiteknights Campus, The University of Reading Date Tuesday 7 December, 8pm End For media enquiries only, please contact Craig Hillsley, the University's press officer on: Tel 0118 378 7388 Email


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