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New chair for Law School – University of Reading

Release Date : 01 August 2007

Dr Rosemary Auchmuty has been appointed as a new chair of the University of Reading's Law School.

Dr Auchmuty currently teaches law, specialising in property and women and the law, at the University of Westminster, and was Associate Director of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality.

She is interested in the application of humanities methodologies to the study of law, focussing particularly on historical analysis and representations in popular culture. As a separate research interest she writes on children's literature and has published two books on the significance for the girls' school story.

Dr Auchmuty will take up her new appointment on August 1.


Notes for editors:

Dr Auchmuty's key publications include:

• Australia's Daughters. Sydney: Methuen, 1978

• A World of Girls: the Appeal of the Girls' School Story. London: The Women's Press, 1992; 2nd ed. Bettany Press, 2004

• (With Sheila Jeffreys and Elaine Miller), 'Lesbian History and Gay Studies: Keeping a Feminist Perspective'. Women's History Review 1 (1992) 89-108

• (With Alex Warwick) 'Women's Studies as Feminist Activism'. In Gabriele Griffin ed. Feminist Activism in the 1990s. London: Taylor & Francis, 1995

• 'Lesbian Studies: Politics or Lifestyle?' In Lynne Harne and Elaine Miller eds. All the Rage: Reasserting Radical Lesbian Feminism. London: The Women's Press, 1996

• 'Lesbian Law, Lesbian Legal Theory'. In Gabriele Griffin and Sonya Andermahr ed. Straight Studies Modified. Lesbian Interventions in the Academy. London: Cassell, 1997

• 'Last In, First Out: Lesbians and Gay Legal Studies'. V Feminist Legal Studies (1997) 235-53

• 'Enid Blyton and the School Story'. In Nicholas Tucker and Kimberley Reynolds eds. Enid Blyton: a celebration and reappraisal. National Centre for Research in Children's Literature, 1997

• 'The School Story: from Brazil to Bunty'. In Nicholas Tucker ed. School Stories from Bunter to Buckeridge. National Centre for Research in Children's Literature, 1999

• A World of Women: growing up in the girls' school story. The Women's Press,1999

• (Edited with Joy Wotton) The Encyclopaedia of School Stories. 2 vols. London: Ashgate, 2000

• 'The Fiction of Equity'. In Susan Scott-Hunt and Hilary Lim eds. Feminist Perspectives on Equity and Trusts. London: Cavendish, 2001

• 'Men Behaving Badly: An Analysis of Undue Influence Cases'. 11 Social & Legal Studies (2002) 257-82

• 'When Equality is Not Equity: Homosexual Inclusion in Undue Influence Law'. 11 Feminist Legal Studies (2003) 163-90

• 'Agenda for a Feminist Legal Curriculum'. 23 Legal Studies (2003) 377-401

• 'Same-Sex Marriage Revived: Feminist Critique and Legal Strategy'. 14 Feminism and Psychology (2004) 101-126

• 'Not Just a Good Children's Story: a Tribute to Adverse Possession'. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer (July-Aug 2004)


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