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New Research Awards for University staff – University of Reading

Release Date : 26 June 2007

The University of Reading, one of the foremost research universities in the UK, has recently launched two new Research Endowment Trust Fund (RETF) competitive schemes.

The RETF is used to fund high quality applications from staff, to support research in line with the University's Research Strategy. Below are details of each award and their respective winners.

Research Leadership Awards

This scheme provides a maximum of £50K to each successful applicant, so that they can be bought out of their teaching and administration for a year. The aim is to enable the award holders to strengthen their research standing and leadership potential, and contribute to the wider development of their research area within the University.

It was agreed that, for this year, the awards would go to people working within the University's established research themes. The first four awards have recently been made to:

Professor Jon Gibbins School of Biological Sciences Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Research

Professor Vassil Alexandrov School of Systems Engineering Computational Sciences

Dr Wayne Hayes School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy Nanoscience and Materials

Dr Anne Marie Minihane School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy Food Chain & Health

Prizes for best Research Outputs

This new competition was created to acknowledge the continuing importance to the University of high quality research (as delivered through research outputs).

Competitions were run at Faculty level, using eligibility rules and criteria determined by each Faculty. Each award winner will receive £1,000. The winners are:

Life Sciences: Dr Joe Sweeney, Department of Chemistry

Science: Dr Mary Lewis, Department of Archaeology

Economics & Social Science: Dr Paula Casal, Department of Politics

Arts & Humanities: Dr Paul Stiff, Department of Typography


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