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Guilty, or Not Guilty? The jury decides – University of Reading

Release Date : 05 April 2004

Researchers examining how juries make decisions in rape trials are looking for paid volunteers to take part in mock court cases. This important work into how juries act during rape cases is taking place at The University of Reading's School of Law. Dr Emily Finch, who is conducting the study, said: "The research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and has been awarded full ethical approval. In order to carry out the research we must recruit approximately 200 volunteers from the Berkshire area to sit on juries in mock trials." Volunteers will receive £25, plus travel expenses of up to £10, for approximately three hours of sitting on a mock jury. There will be various sessions taking place between Wednesday 5 and Tuesday 13 May. All sessions will either be at the weekend or in the evening. Participants will be able to chose from a list of sessions, whichever is most convenient for them. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Kathryn Holdsworth on (0118) 378 7505 or e-mail: end


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