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Feeding a healthy heart with fish oils – University of Reading

Release Date : 29 March 2004

fish oil capsulesFats found in oily fish have been repeatedly shown to reduce heart disease risk, but a major study at the University of Reading is now examining whether taking fish oil capsules can improve heart health in people with different genetic make-ups. Scientists at the University's Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition are looking for volunteers between the ages of 20 and 40 to take part in 'The Fingen Study' – a large research project also involving the universities of Glasgow, Newcastle and Southampton. Unlike previous studies, which mainly focussed on middle-aged men, the Fingen Study at Reading is looking at the effectiveness of fish oil supplements in generally fit and healthy men and women of all ages. Suitable participants will be asked to take fish oil supplements and visit the Nutrition Unit at the University's School of Food Biosciences. At the end of the study, feedback will be given to all participants on the outcome of the study and their personal results. The study, which is funded by the Food Standards Agency, has already recruited one set of volunteers, but the researchers are particularly keen for young people to come forward and take part in the next phase. If you are between 20 and 40 years old and are willing to take fish oil capsules as part of the study, please contact Jan Luff on 0118 378 7771 or e-mail: End For any media enquiries, please contact Craig Hillsley, Press Officer, University of Reading. Tel: 0118 378 7388 E-mail:


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