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The Question of Europe – University of Reading

Release Date : 23 February 2004

image of dr lucasWith political debate raging over the future of the European Union and the possible consequences of 10 new members joining, Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East Region, is arguing that the EU needs to re-invent itself. In her Reading Town Hall Lecture at 7.30pm on Monday 1 March, Dr Lucas will consider the concerns about the social and economic implications of its enlargement. "With the accession of former Eastern Bloc states to the Union, any danger of the Cold War warming up has been truly relegated to the pages of the history books." she says. "And with more and more citizens coming to the conclusion that the EU is undemocratic and increasingly irrelevant to their daily lives, the EU needs a new 'big idea'." Elected as one of the Green Party's first two MEPs in 1999, Caroline is a member of the EU's Environment Committee. In her talk she will address the impact of the EU's policies on the environment and the idea of sustainability. "The EU must free itself from the contradiction of leading efforts to protect our environment, secure workers' rights and enhance 'social Europe' and its relentless pursuit of a corporate-led economic agenda. It must embrace the big idea of sustainability." Dr Lucas will also look at the UK's future in Europe and its ambivalent attitude towards the organisation. "Much discussion around the UK's relationship with the EU focuses on 'meddling Brussels bureaucrats' obsessed with promoting straight bananas and scrapping both lbs and £s. But what is the real truth?" Before her election as MEP, Caroline worked as a researcher on trade, development and environment issues for a major UK development agency. She has written extensively on trade issues and is an acknowledged expert on globalisation. Caroline will be standing for re-election as MEP in June this year. 'The Question of Europe is the fourth lecture in the series of five under the general title 'United Kingdom?' organised by the University of Reading's School of Continuing Education in association with Reading Borough Council and the Town Hall. Tickets (£7) can be purchased in advance through the Hexagon Box Office (0118 960 6060) or bought at the door on the night. end For further details contact: Ben Duncan Green MEPs' Press Officer Suite 58, The Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TY 020 7407 6280 (tel) 07973 823358 (mob) 020 7234 0183 (fax) or: Craig Hillsley University of Reading Press Officer 0118 378 7388 (tel)


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