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Public Lecture – Has the ozone layer been saved? – University of Reading

Release Date : 20 January 2004

University of Reading Public Lecture: ’Has the ozone layer been saved?’ by Professor Keith Shine (Meteorology) Location: Palmer Theatre, Whiteknights campus. Time and Date: 8pm; 27 January, 2004 Ticket Price: free The ozone layer protects us from biologically damaging ultra-violet radiation, and global efforts have been made in recent years to cut down on ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), but has mankind done enough to save the ozone layer? Professor Keith Shine, of the University of Reading's Department of Meteorology, will consider this question at a free public lecture on Tuesday 27 January. He will look at how humans have affected the ozone layer, and scientists' understanding of it since it was discovered and "mapped" a century ago. He will then consider what the future holds for "the Earth's sunglasses", as the ozone layer has been called. ’It wasn't until relatively recently that scientists confirmed that human activity and CFCs were largely to blame for the depletion of the ozone layer,’ says Professor Shine. ’Under the UN Montreal Protocol process, CFC production was made largely illegal, so the ozone layer should start to recover. ’There are now some inconclusive hints that it is starting to recover, but it will be several decades before it fully heals as CFCs stay in the atmosphere for decades. ’Additionally, a big complication in assessing the state of the ozone layer is the fact that emissions of carbon dioxide and methane can interfere with the recovery. The talk will explain some of these complicating features and predict how they will impact on the recovery of the ozone layer.’ end For further information, please contact: Carol Derham, Communications Office, Whiteknights House. Tel: 0118 378 8004 E-mail: Join the Unviersity of Reading public lectures email list.


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