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University statement concerning the future of the intra-School Music Section – University of Reading

Release Date : 13 July 2004

It is with regret that the University announces that the intra-School Music Section will be closing down. In a meeting of the University Council (the University's executive governing body) on Tuesday 13 July, a proposal to close the Section was accepted by members of the Council. Some teaching will continue at least for the coming academic year (2004 – Summer 2005), though at this stage the phasing of the cessation of teaching in the Music Section has not been finalised. The University fully recognises its responsibilities both to the Music Section's staff and to current and prospective students. The University is committed to doing all that it can to help and advise Music staff and students in light of the circumstances to establish what is the best course of action for all concerned. The University is aware of the concerns that this action will have on the cultural life of the University and the local area, and these concerns have been taken into full consideration. Despite the decision to discontinue the Music Section as an academic department, the University would like to re-assure all concerned that it is fully committed to ensuring that musical activities continue to form an important part of cultural life at the University and in the community. For example, we are considering the possibility of appointing a new Director of Music, though no formal decision has yet been made. The University's senior management is keen to stress that the decision was an extremely difficult one and not one that was taken lightly. There has been a process of very careful analysis and consultation taking place for a considerable period of time to assess the future of the Music Section. During that process, all possible proposals that would allow the continuation of music degrees at Reading were fully explored. Unfortunately, none was found to be realistically workable. Given the tough financial situation all universities are currently enduring, Reading, like many institutions, has to direct its limited resources to academic areas where there is a realistic potential for excellence. The investment required into the Music Section is simply not feasible. For media enquiries only, please contact Craig Hillsley, the University's press officer. Tel: 0118 378 7388 Email:


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