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Chemistry Masterclasses for A Level Students – University of Reading

Release Date : 02 July 2004

The School of Chemistry at the University of Reading will hold two Spectroscopy Masterclasses on Tuesday 6 July 2004 for over 200 A Level students from surrounding schools and colleges. Activities include the chance find out about the e-malaria project in which schools will be invited to join the search to discover a drug to combat malaria. Spectroscopy Masterclasses have become an annual event at Reading as school students and staff alike find them invaluable for learning about the three techniques of Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Infrared Spectroscopy which feature on most A level specifications. The techniques are used widely in chemical and forensic analysis and in determining molecular structure. The Masterclasses include short talks on the three techniques using video clips. After this students get the opportunity to see the instruments in action as samples are run and spectra produced. The Masterclasses also involve 'workshop' sessions run by staff from the School of Chemistry. Students are told about some of the applications of spectroscopy in Environmental Chemistry, such as in monitoring the ozone layer and the composition of the upper atmosphere. Potential careers openings for chemists will be illustrated by a local recruiting company. The Spectroscopy Masterclasses have been developed in the School of Chemistry at Reading in conjunction with the Teachers Centre. They are hugely popular events and schools book well in advance for places. The Masterclasses are funded by the University of Reading and benefit from small grants from the RSC and the Salters' Institute. The schools involved are: Frogmore Community College, Yately. Heathside School, Weybridge. Langley Grammar, Slough. Lings Upper School, Northampton. The Cherwell School, Oxford Ranelagh School, Bracknell, Desborough School, Maidenhead Theale Green School, Theale, St George's School, Wallingford Swakeleys School, Hillingdon, The Willink School, Burghfield Aylesbury High School, Aylesbury For more details of the Spectroscopy Masterclasses at Reading please contact Dr Elizabeth Photo Opportunity: Lab 1, First Floor, Chemistry Building. 11.30 - 12.30 For further details, please contact Sue Rayner or Carol Derham on 0118 378 8004/5 Fax 0118 378 5431; e-mail


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