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University statement concerning the Department of Sociology – University of Reading

Release Date : 14 December 2005

It has been agreed that the Department of Sociology at the University of Reading is to close. The proposal to close the Department was made by a University Review Group and was subsequently endorsed by the Senior Management Board and Senate. The proposal was accepted by Council (the University's executive governing body) at its meeting on Wednesday 14 December. The Department will be closed with effect from July 2008. The interests of existing sociology students will continue to be a priority during the closure process. Over the course of 2005, a University Review Group conducted an in-depth review of the Department. The University's Corporate Plan is to direct resources so that they strengthen areas of established excellence, and support academic activities where there is a realistic potential for excellence, or where the University has a competitive advantage or other strategic interest. The Review Group could not identify a scenario in which the Department of Sociology might realistically fulfil these criteria. End


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