Masters 2019-20

Module CodeModule TitleSchoolFurther Information
FAMAP"Art, Power, Politics" More information
FAMCACritical Art Practice More information
FAMCBCritical Art Practice and Exhibition More information
FAMDADissertation More information
FAMDBDissertation More information
FAMMAMapping the Art World More information
FAMS2Studio and Exhibition More information
FAMSVInternational Study Visit More information
FTMAEFilm Aesthetics More information
FTMCTPContemporary Theatre and Performance Practices More information
FTMDTPDissertation or Theatre Practice More information
FTMFFFilm Programming and Film Festivals More information
FTMFPFilm Production More information
FTMFPDFilm Practice or Dissertation More information
FTMPL10Work Placements and Pathways (Ten Credits) More information
FTMPL20Work Placements and Pathways (Twenty Credits) More information
FTMTFTheatre Programming and Theatre Festivals More information
FTMTTLTransnational Theatre Landscapes: Institutions and Infrastructure More information
FTMWCRWorld Cinema: Presenting and Representing Reality More information
TYMCDCCommunication Design: Core Module More information
TYMCDDBCommunication Design: Dissertation BD More information
TYMCDDCCommunication Design: Dissertation CD More information
TYMCDDICommunication Design: Dissertation ID More information
TYMCDDTCommunication Design: Dissertation TD More information
TYMCDPCommunication Design: Reflective Practice More information
TYMDISDissertation More information
TYMPDSDissertation More information
TYMRMResearch methods in typography and graphic communication More information
TYMRPSelf-directed research project More information
TYMTRAArchives and design practice More information
TYMTRSDiscourse in typeface design More information
APME02Presessional Intensive Economics More information
APME29Advanced Marketing More information
APME40Qualitative Research Methods More information
APME59Consumer Behaviour and Food Marketing More information
APME61Appraisal of Agricultural and Rural Development Projects More information
APME65Advertising and Branding More information
APME66Consumer Policy More information
APME67Food Policy More information
APMA102Ecosystem Services More information
APMA41Agriculture in the Tropics More information
APMA89"Water, Agriculture and Irrigation" More information
APMA90Climate change and food systems More information
APMA91Environmental Management: Principles and Practice More information
APME77Environmental Economics More information
APMA93Experimental Agriculture More information
APME71Econometrics More information
APME72Agricultural Project Planning and Management in Developing Countries More information
IDM082The Economics of Financial Markets More information
IDM099"Global Environmental Change, Justice and Development" More information
IDM009Development Finance More information
IDM012Gender and Development More information
IDM013Participatory interventions in development More information
IDM045Principles of Communication Design for Development More information
IDM063Macroeconomics for Developing Countries More information
IDM066Communication and Innovation in Development More information
IDM070Microeconomics for Developing Countries More information
IDM071Research and study skills for independent learning More information
IDM072Dissertation (International Development & Applied Economics) More information
IDM075Microfinance More information
IDM077Food Security and Development More information
IDM089Personal and Professional Development Programme for International Students More information
IDM090Concepts and Practices of Communications More information
IDM095Theories and Practices of Development. More information
IDM096Addressing Poverty and Inequality through Social Policy. More information
IDM097Regulation. More information
IDM098Global Issues in Nutrition and Health More information
IDM100Communication Planning and Processes More information
APMA101Business Planning and Control More information
APMA103Rethinking Agricultural Development (including Horticulture): Implementing Solutions More information
APMA104Principles of Integrated Pest Management More information
APMA105Horticultural Crop Technology More information
APMA107What is sustainability More information
APMA108"Livestock, Livelihoods and Food Security" More information
APMA109Agri-Food Value Chains. More information
APMA110"Research Methods: Agriculture, Ecology and Environment. " More information
APMA111"Research Project: Agriculture, Ecology and Environment. " More information
APMA112Issues in Agricultural Systems More information
APMA113Livestock Nutrition and Feeding More information
APMA114Contemporary Issues in Animal Science More information
APMA115Sustainable Livestock Production Systems More information
APMA116Animal Science Research Project Plan More information
APMA117Animal Science Research Project More information
APMA507What is Sustainability?- CPD More information
APMA508"Livestock, Livelihoods and Food Security- CPD" More information
APMA509Agri-Food Value Chains- CPD More information
APMA513Livestock Nutrition and Feeding- CPD More information
APMA514Contemporary Issues in Animal Science- CPD More information
APMA515Sustainable Livestock Production Systems- CPD More information
APMA96"Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability" More information
APMA98Experimental Horticulture More information
APME75"Energy, Climate Change and Development" More information
APME76Resource and Environmental Economics. More information
APME78Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Theory More information
APME79Nudge and Behaviour Change More information
APME80Applied Consumer Behaviour Project More information
APME81Individual Capstone Project More information
APME82Human Motivation More information
APME83Consumer, Producers, Markets and Trade More information
APME84Introductory Statistics and Econometrics More information
APME85Quantitative Marketing Research Methods More information
APMEFSEuropean Food Systems Education and Training Programme (EFSET) More information
CEM100Dissertation and research skills More information
CEM102Business of Construction More information
CEM103Project Management: Principles and Practice More information
CEM104Construction Cost Management: Principles and Practice More information
CEM105Emerging Economies Integrating Studies More information
CEM106Sustainable Heat and Power More information
CEM107Sustainable Design and Management Principles and Practice More information
CEM108Engineering Research and Dissertation More information
CEM109Research Project and dissertation More information
CEM10AResearch skills More information
CEM10BResearch dissertation More information
CEM110"Collaboration, Practice and Innovation" More information
CEM11A"Collaboration, Practice and Innovation A" More information
CEM11B"Collaboration, Practice and Innovation B" More information
CEM12ABusiness of Construction A More information
CEM12BBusiness of Construction B More information
CEM13APrinciples and Practice of Project Management A More information
CEM13BPrinciples and Practice of Project Management B More information
CEM14AConstruction Cost Management: Principles and Practice A More information
CEM14BConstruction Cost Management: Principles and Practice B More information
CEM150International Development in Construction More information
CEM15AInternational Development in Construction A More information
CEM15BInternational Development in Construction B More information
CEM160Renewable Energy Systems More information
CEM16ARenewable Energy Systems A More information
CEM16BRenewable Energy Systems B More information
CEM17ASustainable Design and Management Principles and Practice A More information
CEM17BSustainable Design and Management Principles and Practice B More information
CEM18AEngineering Research and Dissertation More information
CEM18BEngineering Research and Dissertation More information
CEM19AEnergy Research Skills More information
CEM19BEnergy Research Dissertation More information
CEM201An Introduction to Project Management More information
CEM202Construction Project Management More information
CEM203Financial and Management Accounting in Construction More information
CEM204International Construction More information
CEM205Human Resource Management More information
CEM206Construction Contract Law More information
CEM209Managing Construction More information
CEM210"People, Information and Technology" More information
CEM215Infrastructure Development More information
CEM216International Construction Labour More information
CEM217Construction Sector Transition More information
CEM219Life Cycle Assessment More information
CEM220Urban Sustainability More information
CEM221Energy in Buildings More information
CEM222Building Simulation More information
CEM223Urban Microclimates More information
CEM224Carbon Management More information
CEM225Building Information Modelling More information
CEM226ICT and Energy Management More information
CEM227Renewable Energy in Power Systems More information
CEM228Construction Economics More information
CEM229Green Building Assessment More information
CEM230Design Management More information
CEM233Urban Energy Systems More information
CEM235Engineering Project Management More information
CEM236Environmental Quality and Well-being More information
CEM237Basic Measurement Principles More information
CEM238Construction Cost Engineering More information
CEM241Energy and the Environment More information
CEM242Advanced Visualisation and Interactive Technologies More information
CEM243"New Technology, Management and Change" More information
CEM244Analysing Construction Processes More information
CEM302Strategic Management More information
CEM303"Sustainable Design, Construction and Operation" More information
CEM319Life Cycle Assessment More information
CEM335Real Estate Development: Appraisal and Analysis More information
CEMC04Vocational Practice Analysis More information
BIMBC1Research Planning and Project Management More information
BIMBC12Advanced Topics in Biomedicine and Critical Appraisal Skills More information
BIMBC2Biology of Cancer More information
BIMBD1Regenerative Medicine More information
BIMBD2Cardiovascular disease and therapeutics More information
BIMBD23Research Project More information
BIMBE2Synthetic Biology More information
BIMBF1"Research Techniques, Analysis and Experimental Design" More information
BIMBPRO2Research project More information
BIMEA1Introduction to Insect Identification More information
BIMEB1Advanced Entomology More information
BIMEC2Vertebrate Conservation More information
BIMED2Vertebrate Survey and Management More information
BIMEF2Research Planning More information
BIMEPROEntomology Project More information
BIMLCR1Landscape Conservation & Rewilding More information
BIMMD16Manipulator Dynamics and Haptics More information
BIMPB12Diversity and Identification of Plants More information
BIMPDRPPlant Diversity Research Project More information
BIMPK12Vegetation Survey and Assessment More information
BIMPLACProject Placement More information
BIMPROProfessional Skills More information
BIMPROJWildlife Management Project More information
BIMUKFCUK Field Courses More information
BIMWA12Quantitative Methods More information
BIMWG2GIS for Wildlife Managers More information
BIMWK1Invertebrate Survey and Assessment More information
BIMWL1Field Trips More information
BIMWM2Current Issues in Conservation More information
CHMPRDDiploma Chemistry Research Project More information
CHMPRMMSc Chemistry Research Project More information
CHMRMSPostgraduate Chemistry Research Methods and Skills More information
FBMAQSApplied Food Quality and Safety More information
FBMC10Food Composition and Quality More information
FBMC20Food Chemistry: Structure, Flavour and Colour More information
FBMEPRPostgraduate Project More information
FBMETBEmerging Technologies Business Case Study More information
FBMFCMFood Control Management More information
FBMFPRResearch Project More information
FBMFRARisk Analysis in the Food Chain More information
FBMFSSFood Systems Summer School More information
FBMLNPLifestyle, Nutrigenetics and Personalised Nutrition More information
FBMMHDMicrobes in Health and Disease More information
FBMMPDSustainable Food Manufacturing and Process Design More information
FBMMSHMicrobes, Food Safety and Health More information
FBMNCPNutrition Communication and Professional Practice More information
FBMNUTNutrition Concepts More information
FBMPREFood Product Reformulation More information
FBMPUBPublic health nutrition and consumer food choice More information
FBMRSDResearch Skills and Professional Development More information
FBMSSCSensory Science More information
FBMSYSIntroduction to Food Systems More information
FBMTOOTaints and Off-odours: Industrial Challenges More information
FBMUCBUnderstanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviour More information
FZMB17Food Manufacturing Technology More information
FZMDPLDocument of Personal Learning More information
FZMEPLEvidence of personal learning More information
FZMPPLPortfolio of Personal Learning More information
FZMPPRPortfolio of Professional Practice of Research More information
FZMR03Risk Analysis in the Food Chain More information
FZMR04Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviour More information
FZMR05Research Methods and Project Management More information
FZMR06Flavour: From Farm to Fork and Beyond More information
FZMR09Sustaining Quality Raw Material Supply Chains More information
FZMR10Understanding & Implementing European Union Food Law More information
FZMR11Keeping the Customer Informed – The Challenge for Food Businesses More information
FZMR12UK Food Law - The Basics More information
FZMR13International Food Law - The Basics More information
FZMR17Sustainable Supply Systems: Part 1 - Production to Processing More information
FZMR18Sustainable Supply Systems: Part 2 - Manufacturing to Retail More information
FZMR19Fresh Produce Postharvest Quality Management More information
FZMR20Diet, Food & The Nation’s Health More information
FZMR56WFlavour: From Farm to Fork & Beyond - workshop More information
FZMRP1Work-based Research Project More information
FZMSPLStatement of personal learning More information
PMM1PAPhysician Associate Pre-Clinical Module More information
PMM1RMResearch Methods for Health Sciences More information
PMM2PAPhysician Associate Clinical Module More information
PMM2RPResearch Project in Clinical and Health-related Sciences More information
PMM3PPProfessional practice portfolio More information
PMMAH1Advanced History Taking and Clinical Assessment More information
PMMAP1Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals More information
PMMAP2Independent and supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals More information
PMMAS1Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals More information
PMMCE1Clinically Enhanced Skills More information
PMMCOBCertificate in Obesity Management (Level 7) More information
PMMCP1Introduction to cardiovascular disease More information
PMMCP2Introduction to mental health More information
PMMCP3Introduction to infections and microbiology More information
PMMCP4Introduction to respiratory diseases More information
PMMCP5Introduction to surgery More information
PMMCP6Introduction to endocrinology More information
PMMCP7Introduction to neurology More information
PMMCP8Introduction to children’s health More information
PMMCP9Introduction to gastroenterology More information
PMMCPPIntroduction to clinical pharmacy practice More information
PMMCT1Clinical therapeutics 1 More information
PMMCT2Clinical therapeutics 2 More information
PMMDP1Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine More information
PMMDP2Introduction to Audit, Service Evaluation and Quality Improvement More information
PMMDP3Introduction to Service Improvement in Healthcare More information
PMMDS1Delivering Clinical Pharmacy Services More information
PMMET2Introduction to Clinical Education More information
PMMFP1Introduction to Foundation Practice More information
PMMIP2Independent prescribing for pharmacists More information
PMMML1Management and leadership in healthcare More information
PMMNIPIndependent / supplementary prescribing for nurses More information
PMMNP2Independent and supplementary Prescribing for Nurses More information
PMMPIPPractice Certificate in Independent Prescribing for Pharmacists More information
PMMPL1Evidence of personal learning 1 More information
PMMPL2Evidence of personal learning 2 More information
PMMPL3Evidence of personal learning 3 More information
PMMPL4Evidence of personal learning 4 More information
PMMPP2Preparing to Prescribe for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals More information
PMMPQ1Promoting quality in healthcare practice More information
PMMPS1Professional skills for healthcare practice More information
PMMR1Research Methods and Advanced Topics More information
PMMREFReflective practice for prescribers 2 More information
PMMRPResearch Project in Advanced Topics More information
PMMSP0Independent Prescribing Conversion Programme for Pharmacists More information
PMMWBLWork Based Learning More information
ACM001Corporate Governance & Ethics More information
ACM002Financial Reporting and Regulation More information
ACM003Management Accounting: Theory and Practice More information
ACM004Research Methods for Accounting and Finance More information
ACM005Accounting Information Systems More information
INMR63MRes Dissertation (Informatics) More information
INMR65IT Project Management More information
INMR66Business Domain and Requirements Analysis More information
INMR77Business Intelligence and Data Mining More information
INMR83Consulting Project More information
INMR85Business Architecture More information
INMR86Business Technology Consulting More information
INMR88Enterprise Systems More information
INMR89Big Data in Business More information
INMR90MSc Dissertation (Information Management) More information
INMR91Business Informatics More information
INMR92Business Service Design More information
INMR93Digital Innovation More information
INMR94Digital Leadership More information
INMR95Business Data Analytics More information
INMR96Digital Health and Data Analytics More information
INMR97MSc Dissertation (Digital Health and Data Analytics) More information
INMR98Organisational Dynamics: Systems Thinking in the Digital Age More information
MMM031Financial Management More information
MMM040Management Decision Making and Performance Evaluation More information
MMM041Business Finance More information
MMM049Accounting and Finance Project More information
MMM054Cases in Financial Management and Control More information
MMM062International Financial Reporting 1 More information
MMM063International Financial Reporting 2 More information
MMM090Dissertation More information
MMM001International Strategic Management More information
MMM070"Study and Research Skills: Sources, Methods, and Practice" More information
MMM071International Business Environment More information
MMM073Theories of the Multinational Enterprise More information
MMM079Comparative Human Resource Management More information
MMM081International Human Resource Management More information
MMM087Management in Creative and Cultural Organisations More information
MMM095Multinational Enterprise Strategy and Performance More information
MMM096Culture and Competition More information
MMM121Understanding Emerging Markets More information
MMM122Principles of Human Resource Management More information
MMM141International Business Project More information
MMM142International Study Challenge (International Business) More information
MMM143International Business and the World Economy More information
MWM006Strategy More information
ICM103Quantitative Methods for Finance More information
ICM106Financial Markets More information
ICM107"Securities, Futures and Options" More information
ICM108Fixed Income and Equity Investments More information
ICM112C++ for Financial Engineering More information
ICM116Understanding Management and Financial Research More information
ICM120Maritime Logistics Management More information
ICM124Introductory Quantitative Methods for Finance More information
ICM125Maritime Economics and Business More information
ICM126International Maritime Trade More information
ICM127Stochastic Calculus and Probability More information
ICM128Risk Management in Financial Services More information
ICM129Introductory Quantitative Methods for Finance for IBF More information
ICM131Stakeholders and the Business of Finance More information
ICM132Core Topics in Financial Regulation More information
ICM133Financial Markets and Instruments for Regulators More information
ICM134"Governance, Ethics, Culture and Accountability in Financial Services" More information
ICM137Advanced Topics in Financial Regulation More information
ICM138Strategic Approaches to the Business of Finance More information
ICM139Contemporary Advanced Topics in Finance for Regulators More information
ICM140Interdisciplinary Insights for Regulators More information
ICM141Dissertation More information
ICM142Programming for Finance More information
ICM201Portfolio Management More information
ICM204Financial Econometrics More information
ICM207Market Risk More information
ICM211"Derivative Securities: Pricing, Hedging and Trading" More information
ICM218Research Project More information
ICM227Mergers and Acquisitions More information
ICM231Financial Instruments More information
ICM233Current Topics in Investment Management More information
ICM239Credit Risk More information
ICM252Strategic Planning and Budgeting More information
ICM262Ethics in Investment Management More information
ICM265Commodity Derivatives More information
ICM266Essentials of Financial Engineering More information
ICM270Corporate Governance and Accountability More information
ICM273Derivatives and Risk Management in Shipping More information
ICM283Economic Modelling and Analysis of Shipping Markets More information
ICM289Advanced Finance Theory with Empirical Applications More information
ICM290Maritime Law and Marine Insurance More information
ICM291Advanced Financial Analysis More information
ICM292Derivatives Modelling More information
ICM294Governance and Compliance in Financial Services More information
ICM295Topics in Financial Regulation More information
ICM297Liquidity Risk and Algorithmic Trading More information
ICM299Numerical Methods for Financial Engineering More information
ICM300Chartering and Charterparty Analysis More information
ICM301Energy Finance More information
ICM302Behavioural Finance More information
ICM303Shipping Finance and Investment More information
ICM306Fixed Income Cash and Derivative Markets More information
ICM307Research Project More information
ICM308Stock Index Futures More information
ICM309Work Placement and Project More information
ICM310Bond and Money Markets More information
ICM311Corporate Finance and Investment Banking More information
ICM312Private Equity and Venture Capital More information
ICM313FinTech and Digital Transformation in Financial Services More information
ICM314Digital Banking and Payment Systems More information
ICM315Fundamentals of Financial Markets More information
ICM316Programming for FinTech (Python) More information
ICM317Machine Learning and Big Data in Finance More information
ICM318"Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Applications" More information
ICM319Insurance and Big Data More information
ICM320FinTech Regulation and Data Protection More information
ICM321Derivatives and Risk Management in Shipping More information
AHM001"Studying Leadership, Strategic Studies, and International Relations" More information
AHME01"Contemporary British Foreign Policy: Issues, themes and challenges" More information
MMM020Leadership Theory and Practice More information
MMM027Designing Organisations More information
MMM034International Corporate Social Responsibility More information
MMM042Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management More information
MMM048Managing People and Organisations More information
MMM066Ethics in International Management More information
MMM074Advances in Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice More information
MMM075Entrepreneurship Project More information
MMM080Managing Transformation More information
MMM089Dissertation More information
MMM094Financing for Entrepreneurship More information
MMM094AFinancing for Creative Entrepreneurship More information
MMM110Entrepreneurial Management for Creative Artists. More information
MMM123New Venture Start-Up More information
MMM126Applied Management Project More information
MMM127International Study Challenge More information
MMM128Entrepreneurial Leadership More information
MMM140Leading in the Digital Organization More information
MMM148Public Policy and Enterprise Development from a Global Perspective More information
MMM149International Applied Challenge I More information
MMM082Project in Human Resource Management More information
MMM132Career and Professional Development More information
MMM006Global Marketing Management More information
MMM043Principles of Marketing More information
MMM059Market Research More information
MMM077Digital Marketing More information
MMM092Consumer Behaviour More information
MMM112Cross-Cultural Marketing and Consumption More information
MMM115Marketing Dissertation More information
MMM116Marketing Business Project More information
MMM124"Marketing Communications: Digital, Social and Integrated" More information
MMM129"Consumer Intelligence: New Consumers, New Markets" More information
MMM137Branding More information
MMM138Marketing Field Study Challenge More information
MMM139Social Purpose Marketing More information
MMM147Measuring Marketing Performance More information
REMB05Real Estate Investment Appraisal More information
REMB10Real Estate Valuation More information
REMB16Real Estate Development More information
REMB19Real Estate Securities More information
REMB22 Real Estate Portfolio Management More information
REMB27Real Estate Economics More information
REMB29Applied Analytical Methods More information
REMB31Corporate Finance More information
REMB35Residential Real Estate and Policy More information
REMB36Real Estate Law More information
REMB38Real Estate Funding More information
REMB40Strategic Management of Corporate Real Estate More information
REMBDISSDissertation More information
REMDISS30Spatial Planning Dissertation More information
REMDISS40Real Estate and Planning Dissertation More information
REMF27Real Estate Finance More information
REMF37Quantitative Techniques More information
REMF42Introduction to Real Estate Finance More information
REMF43Global Real Estate Markets and Investment More information
REMF44Real Estate Asset Management More information
REMF45Investment Appraisal and Valuation More information
REMF46Valuation More information
REMF47Business and Professional Values More information
REMF48Final Project in Real Estate More information
REMF49"Real Estate Development: Process, Practice and Appraisal" More information
REMF50Planning Policy and Practice More information
REMF51Understanding Construction: Procurement and Project Delivery More information
REMF52REMF52 More information
REMF53Housing Markets and Policy More information
REMF54Property Law More information
REMF55Sustainability and Real Estate More information
REMF56Real Estate Opportunities More information
REMF57Real Estate Funding More information
REMF58Introduction to Real Estate Economics and Investment More information
REMF59Heritage and Development More information
REMFIRMInternational Real Estate Markets More information
REMFPMReal Estate Portfolio Management More information
REMFREReal Estate Economics More information
REMFRESReal Estate Securities More information
REMH01Understanding the Historic Environment More information
REMH02History of Buildings More information
REMH03Heritage Law and Economics More information
REMH04Survey and Assessment of Heritage Assets More information
REMH05Practical Building Conservation & Repair More information
REMH06Management of Heritage Assets More information
REMH07Design in Historic Contexts More information
REMH08Procurement of Building Conservation Projects More information
REMH09Dissertation More information
REMMCSManagement Case Studies in Rural Surveying More information
REMP02"Planning Theory, Politics and Practice" More information
REMP08Regeneration More information
REMP14Countryside Planning and Policy More information
REMP16Urban Design and Sustainability More information
REMP19Comparative International Planning Studies More information
REMP30Real Estate Development and Planning Law More information
REMP31Development Planning Projects More information
REMP32"Cities, Regions and Strategic Governance" More information
REMP33"Land, Property Rights and Institutions" More information
REMRARIIntroduction to Agriculture and Rural Industries More information
REMRDRural Diversification More information
REMREEReal Estate Economics More information
REMRFTRural Field Trip More information
REMRPLVRural Property Law and Valuation More information
REMRPPRural Policy And Planning More information
REMRSAMStrategic Rural Asset Management More information
ARMAHRAnalysis of Human Remains More information
ARMAMAApplications of Micromorphological Analysis More information
ARMDISSIDissertation More information
ARMEMPResearch and Enterprise Micro-Placement More information
ARMEPPIn at the Deep End: Professional Practice More information
ARMGZOZooarchaeology More information
ARMHCPContemporary Issues and Debates In Heritage and Cultural Property (Ma) More information
ARMICMCoastal and Maritime Geoarchaeology More information
ARMICMBCoastal and Maritime Geoarchaeology: Introduction More information
ARMIDBIssues and Debates in Bioarchaeology More information
ARMIDSIssues and Debates More information
ARMINTInternational Study (Erasmus) More information
ARMM02Viking Interactions in the West More information
ARMM06Colonisation and Cultural Transformation: The Archaeology of Crusading More information
ARMMSAMusculo-Skeletal Anatomy More information
ARMNEAOur closest cousins? The Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology of the Neanderthals More information
ARMO44DVegetation History and Archaeobotany More information
ARMPACPalaeopathology in Adults and Children More information
ARMR3DArchaeological Graphics More information
ARMREPResearch and Enterprise Placement More information
ARMRPPResearch Project More information
ARMSASStatistical Approaches: Making sense of your data More information
ARMSTDScience and the Dead More information
ARMT02Themes and Approaches in the Study of Mesopotamia More information
ARMTTATheoretical Approaches in Archaeology More information
ARMVMEFrom Village to Metropolis: Understanding the urban phenomenon of Ancient Rome More information
GVMAPAir Pollution: Effects and Control More information
GVMCCClimate Change More information
GVMENVCEnvironmental Consultancy More information
GVMEPMEnvironmental and Pollution Microbiology More information
GVMEVPEnvironmental Pollution More information
GVMFCField Class More information
GVMIMPIndependent Project More information
GVMLASPLaboratory Analysis of Soils and Pollutants More information
GVMPBEPollutant Behaviour in the Environment More information
GVMPFFPreparing For Floods More information
GVMQADQuantitative Analysis of Environmental Data More information
GVMRPResearch Project More information
GVMSILSkills for Independent Learning More information
GVMTPC"Tropical Forests, Climate and Land Use Through Time" More information
GVMWENMWaste and Environmental Management More information
MCMHHHidden Heritage: investigating and interpreting historic buildings and landscapes More information
CLMACAHApproaches to Classics and Ancient History More information
CLMARApproaches to Rome More information
CLMDSDissertation More information
CLMOPClassics Special Options More information
CLMRMClassics Research Methods More information
CLMROCity of Rome More information
MSMDI7Dissertation More information
MSMLPMedieval Latin and Palaeography More information
MSMLPAMedieval Latin and Palaeography More information
MSMRM2Researching the Middle Ages More information
MSMSD7Dissertation More information
MSMSSAAdvanced Study and Source Analysis More information
MSMSTAOption A More information
MSMSTBOption B More information
MSMSTCOption C More information
HSMDE1Diploma Extended Essay More information
HSMDN3Dissertation More information
HSMOP1Option One More information
HSMOP2Option Two More information
HSMSR1Historical Skills and Resources More information
HSMTP"History: theory, practice and themes" More information
HSMTSETransferable Skills and Employability More information
PPMDISSDissertation More information
PPME1Essay Module 1 More information
PPME2Essay module 2 More information
PPME3Essay module 3 More information
PPMSPSeminar presentation More information
EDM001Developing expertise in teaching More information
EDM007Investigating Education More information
EDM072English and Language: Study Skills and Research Methods More information
EDM084Second Language Teaching and Learning More information
EDM093Enhancing Musical Learning with Digital Media More information
EDM095Developing expertise in teaching More information
EDM096Academic English and Study Skills More information
EDM097English Language Education Dissertation More information
EDM101Assessment and Measurement More information
EDM102Research Methods in English Language Education More information
EDM104Child Development and Education More information
EDM122SENCO 1: Policies and Procedures More information
EDM123SENCO 2: Overcoming Barriers to Learning More information
EDM124SENCO 3: Learners with Difficulties and Disabilities More information
EDM133MA Education dissertation More information
EDM146Key Concepts in Educational Leadership and Management More information
EDM147Leading and Managing Educational Change More information
EDM148The Professional Self in Early Years Leadership More information
EDM163Research Methods More information
EDM167Second Language Teaching and Learning More information
EDM169Research Methods Part A and B More information
EDM170Professionalism in the 21st Century More information
EDM173Educational Leadership and Management More information
EDM174Values and Practices in Education More information
EDM178Behavioural Insight More information
EDM179Theory of Education More information
EDM181Quantitative Research Methods in Education More information
EDM182Professional Studies: The Reflective Early Years Teacher More information
EDM183Designing Qualitative and Mixed Method Educational Research More information
EDM188Educating Diverse Groups More information
EDM190Developing mentoring excellence (theory and practice) More information
EDM191Classroom Musicianship More information
EDM192Student Enrichment Programme More information
EDM194Professionalism in the 21st Century More information
EDM60SENCo portfolio More information
EDMAP1Introduction to Academic Practice More information
EDMAP2Developing Academic Practice More information
EDMAP3Academic Research and Practice More information
EDMPIPInvestigating Practice More information
EDMPLSLeadership More information
EDMPPSProfessional Studies: the Reflective Practitioner More information
EDMPRTThe reflective teacher More information
LWMCAMInternational Commercial Arbitration Mooting More information
LWMCPA"Global Architecture of Crisis, Conflict and Disaster Management" More information
LWMDEPThe Death Penalty More information
LWMDMTDisaster Management More information
LWMELREnergy Law and Regulation More information
LWMENVContemporary Issues in Environmental Law More information
LWMEPPEnergy Law and Policy in Power and Renewable Fuels More information
LWMFINLegal Aspects of International Financial Regulation More information
LWMHAAAccessing and Interrogating Archives More information
LWMHAIArchival Internship More information
LWMHCTCritical Thinkers More information
LWMHDIResearch Dissertation (Legal History) More information
LWMHDPDissertation Plan More information
LWMHMAHistory and Management of an Archive More information
LWMHRL"Human Rights Law, Policy, and Practice" More information
LWMHRSResearch Seminar Presentation More information
LWMHRV"Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience" More information
LWMHSPSourcing the Past More information
LWMIIAIntroduction to International Law More information
LWMIRLInternational Refugee Law More information
LWMLCRLegal Aspects of Corporate Rescue More information
LWMPLAProfessional Placement More information
LWMPROResearch Project More information
LWMRCJResearch in Criminal Justice More information
LWMRCYResearch in Criminology More information
LWMRGLResearch in Gender and Law More information
LWMRJUResearch in Jurisprudence More information
LWMRLKLegal Knowledge and Legal Writing More information
LWMTACLaw of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law) More information
LWMTAIAdvanced International Commercial Law Issues More information
LWMTARInternational Commercial Arbitration (CIArb Accredited) More information
LWMTBLInternational Banking and Finance Law More information
LWMTCCIntellectual Property Law: Copyright and Designs More information
LWMTCFInternational Corporate Finance and the Law More information
LWMTCLInternational Commercial Law More information
LWMTCMCompetition Law More information
LWMTDIDissertation More information
LWMTDPPrivacy and Data Protection More information
LWMTDRDissertation in Human Rights More information
LWMTDWDissertation in International Law More information
LWMTGCOil and Gas Contract Law More information
LWMTGLInternational Corporate Governance and the Law More information
LWMTIIInternational and Comparative Intellectual Property Law More information
LWMTITInternational Investment Law More information
LWMTLEInternational Economic Law More information
LWMTLMResearch Methods for LLM Students More information
LWMTMA"Legal Aspects of International Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers" More information
LWMTOGLegal Issues in Oil and Gas More information
LWMTPRProject More information
LWMTPSProject Skills More information
LWMTRMResearch Methods More information
LWMTRSResearch Skills Project More information
LWMTTTIntellectual Property Law: Patents and Trade Marks More information
LWMTUMThe Use of Military Force More information
LWMTWBInternet Law More information
LWMTWDWTO Disputes More information
ENMBECSamuel Beckett More information
ENMCCWCreative and Critical Writing More information
ENMCH2Twentieth Century Children's Literature More information
ENMCH9Nineteenth Century Children's Literature More information
ENMCHCWCommonwealth Children’s Literature (Colonial and Post-colonial writing) More information
ENMCHDDissertation More information
ENMCHEPost-Graduate Diploma Essay More information
ENMCHF"Children's Film, Television, and Radio" More information
ENMCHMMyth and Folktale in Children's Literature More information
ENMCHNNorth American Children's Literature More information
ENMCHPPopular Forms of Children's Fiction More information
ENMCHTTheory of Children's Literature More information
ENMDIADiasporas of the Mind: Minority Literature in Britain More information
ENMEMLEarly Modern Literature: Texts, Contexts and Methods More information
ENMLACLiterature and Culture in the 1850s More information
ENMLMLiterature and Medicine More information
ENMMACModern and Contemporary Literature More information
ENMMEDDissertation More information
ENMMETOpening Up Medieval English Texts More information
ENMMLFModern Literary Feminisms: Theories/Praxis/Texts More information
ENMMTMateriality and Textuality More information
ENMRPBResearching the Printed Book More information
ENMTGRThe Global Renaissance More information
ENMVGFInnovations in Form and Genre More information
LSMADAApproaches to Discourse Analysis More information
LSMADARApproaches to Discourse Analysis More information
LSMAPALAcademic Practices in Applied Linguistics More information
LSMCBLCorpus-based approaches to language description More information
LSMCBLRCorpus-based approaches to language description More information
LSMCLChild Language Development More information
LSMCLRChild Language Development More information
LSMDDIResearch Design and Dissertation More information
LSMDESEnglish for Specific Purposes More information
LSMDIPLanguage Teaching Portfolio More information
LSMDISDissertation More information
LSMDMLManagement in ELT More information
LSMDNRDissertation (MRes) More information
LSMDSPSpoken Language More information
LSMDTPLanguage Testing More information
LSMDVOThe Teaching and Learning of Vocabulary More information
LSMDWLWritten Language More information
LSMDYLTeaching English to Young Learners More information
LSMERMEssentials of Research Methods More information
LSMEWEnglish in the World More information
LSMEWREnglish in the World More information
LSMFLSFoundations of Language Study More information
LSMIBIssues in Bilingualism More information
LSMIBRIssues in Bilingualism More information
LSMICIntercultural Communication More information
LSMICRIntercultural Communication More information
LSMILRIssues in Linguistic Research More information
LSMLCLLanguage Curriculum Design More information
LSMLCRLanguage Curriculum Design More information
LSMLMGLanguage and Migration More information
LSMLMGRLanguage and Migration More information
LSMLPCLanguage in Professional Communication More information
LSMLSTIssues in Language Skills Teaching More information
LSMNTNew Technologies in Language Learning and Teaching More information
LSMNTRNew Technologies in Language Learning and Teaching More information
LSMPROFull dissertation proposal More information
LSMRDMResearch Design Methods More information
LSMSLSecond Language Learning Principles More information
LSMSLRSecond Language Learning Principles More information
LSMSOCSociolinguistics More information
LSMSORSociolinguistics More information
LSMTPLanguage Testing Principles More information
LSMTPRLanguage Testing Principles More information
LSMVOThe Teaching and Learning of Vocabulary More information
LSMVORThe Teaching and Learning of Vocabulary More information
MLM12Dissertation More information
CSMAI19Artificial Intelligence More information
CSMBD16Big Data Analytics More information
CSMCC16Cloud Computing More information
CSMDM16Data Analytics and Mining More information
CSMIA19Image Analysis More information
CSMMA16Mathematics and Statistics More information
CSMML16Machine Learning More information
CSMPR16MSc Project More information
CSMRS16Research Studies More information
CSMVI16Visual Intelligence. More information
CSMVR16Virtual Reality. More information
MTMA32Measurements and Instrumentation More information
MTMA33Introduction to Computing More information
MTMA39Forecasting Systems and Applications More information
MTMCCThe Science of Climate Change (M-level) More information
MTMG01Introduction to weather systems More information
MTMG02Atmospheric Physics More information
MTMG04Weather and Climate Discussion More information
MTMG05Professional Skills More information
MTMG06Statistics for Weather and Climate Science More information
MTMG16Climate Change More information
MTMG19Tropical weather systems More information
MTMG21Oceanography More information
MTMG25Hazardous weather analysis More information
MTMG34Experiencing the weather field course More information
MTMG38Remote Sensing More information
MTMG44Hydrology and global environmental change More information
MTMG49Boundary Layer Meteorology and Micrometeorology More information
MTMG50Climate Services and Climate Impact Modelling More information
MTMG60Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport More information
MTMG99Dissertation project More information
MTMW11Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Oceans More information
MTMW12Introduction to Numerical Modelling More information
MTMW14Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres and Oceans More information
MTMW15Extra-tropical Weather Systems More information
MTMW20Global Circulation of the Atmosphere & Ocean More information
MTMW97Fluid dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans (HDR). More information
PLMCAATheoretical and Clinical Aspects of Anomia More information
PLMCI1Communication Impairment 1 More information
PLMCI1RCommunication Impairment I More information
PLMCI2Communication Impairment 2 More information
PLMCI2RCommunication Impairment 2 More information
PLMCI3RCommunication Impairment 3 More information
PLMCI4Communication Impairment 4 More information
PLMCLAChild Language Acquisition More information
PLMCP1Clinical Practice 1 More information
PLMCP2Clinical Practice 2 More information
PLMCPHClinical Phonetics and Phonology More information
PLMDOFDisorders of Fluency More information
PLMELElectrophysiology of Language More information
PLMFGFoundations of Grammar More information
PLMISLIntroduction to Speech and Language Pathology More information
PLMLDGLanguage in Genetic Disorders (M Level) More information
PLMLDGRLanguage and Communication in Genetic Disorders More information
PLMLPRLanguage Processing More information
PLMLPSLTLanguage Processing for Speech and Language Therapy More information
PLMM1Medicine 1 More information
PLMM2Medicine 2 More information
PLMMLMultilingualism and Impairment Across the Lifespan More information
PLMPDRAdvanced Professional Development More information
PLMPPPhonetics and Phonology More information
PLMPPRIntroduction to Phonetics and Phonology More information
PLMRDResearch and Dissertation More information
PLMRDNResearch and Dissertation More information
PLMRTResearch Methods and Transferable Skills More information
PYM0CGMethods in Cognition More information
PYM0CPMethods in Clinical Psychology More information
PYM0DPMethods in Developmental Psychology More information
PYM0EPEmpirical Project More information
PYM0FMfMRI Data Analysis More information
PYM0NSMethods in Neuroscience More information
PYM0PLPlacement More information
PYM0PL2Placement More information
PYM0PPProject Preparation More information
PYM0QQApplying Qualitative Methods in Psychological Research More information
PYM0RTResearch Methods and Transferable skills in Psychology More information
PYM0S1Data Collection & Analysis 1 More information
PYM0S2Data Collection & Analysis 2 More information
PYM2CLClinical neuropsychology More information
PYM3P1Development of Psychopathology More information
PYM3P2Topics in Developmental Psychopathology More information
PYM4PTPsychological treatments More information
PYMANXTheory and Practice for Anxiety Disorders More information
PYMAWTAdvanced Skills for Working with Trauma More information
PYMBASBasic Skills More information
PYMBEBehavioural Economics More information
PYMBWTBasic Skills for Working with Trauma More information
PYMCANCognitive and Affective Neuroscience More information
PYMCCNCognition (Conversion) More information
PYMCEPEmpirical Project (Conversion) More information
PYMCORCore skills for working with children and young people with mental health problems More information
PYMCPLPsychology Labe Placement (Conversion) More information
PYMCPNSPerception and Neuroscience (Conversion) More information
PYMCRMResearch Methods and Data Analysis (Conversion) More information
PYMCSDSocial and Differential Psychology (Conversion) More information
PYMCT1Focused Clinical Training And Supervision: Basic Level More information
PYMCT2Focused Clinical Training And Supervision: Complex Problems And Dissemination More information
PYMCTATypical and Atypical Development (Conversion) More information
PYMDEPTheory and Practice for Depression More information
PYMEAAEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMEAAAEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMEAABEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMEACEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems in Children and Young People More information
PYMEAC1Engagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems in Children and Young People More information
PYMEASEngagement and assessment skills for working with children and young people with common mental health More information
PYMEBIEvidence-based interventions for children and young peole with common mental health problems More information
PYMFCPClinical Placement More information
PYMFCRClinical Research Methods More information
PYMFEBEvidence-Based Treatments Across the Lifespan More information
PYMFITIntroduction to CBT More information
PYMFPCFundamental Principles for Working with Children and Young People More information
PYMFPC1Fundamental Principles for Working with Children and Young People More information
PYMFRPResearch Placement More information
PYMFSRSystematic Review More information
PYMFUNFundamentals of Evidence-Based Treatments (CBT) More information
PYMHMHuman Motivation More information
PYMIESInterventions for Emerging Mental Health Difficulties in Education Settings More information
PYMIES1Interventions for Emerging Mental Health Difficulties in Education Settings More information
PYMIN1Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment More information
PYMIN3Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment (APEL More information
PYMIPIntroduction to Psychology for Finance More information
PYMITCIntroduction to CBT More information
PYMITDPsychology of Individual and Team Development in Organisations More information
PYMLEPLeadership Training Practice for Children and Young People's IAPT More information
PYMLETLeadership Training Theory for Children and Young People's IAPT More information
PYMLICEvidence-Based Low Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People presenting with Common Ment More information
PYMLIC1Evidence-Based Low Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People More information
PYMMCNMethods in Cognition and Neuroscience More information
PYMOPL2Placement More information
PYMPARParent Training for Conduct Problems More information
PYMPBCProgramming for Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences More information
PYMPBC1Programming for Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences More information
PYMPESCommon Problems and Processes in Education Settings More information
PYMPES1Common Problems and Processes in Education Settings More information
PYMPRNPrinciples of Neurobiology More information
PYMPS2Personality & Social Psychology 2 (M Level) More information
PYMSA3Study Abroad More information
PYMSUCSupervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPT More information
PYMSUC0Supervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPT More information
PYMSUC1Supervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPT More information
PYMSUSSupervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPT II More information
PYMSUS0Psychology; School of Psych and Clin Lang Sci More information
PYMTA1Typical and Atypical Development 1 (M Level) More information
PYMTA2Typical and Atypical Development 2 (M Level) More information
PYMTANTopics in Affective Neuroscience More information
PYMTCNTopics in Cognitive Neuroscience More information
PYMTHATherapy for Childhood Anxiety More information
PYMTHDTherapy for Childhood Depression More information
PYMTM1Treatments and Models 1 More information
PYMTM2Treatments and Models 2 More information
PYMTM3Treatments and Models 3 More information
PYMTRTEvidence-Based Low Intensity Treatment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMTRTAEvidence-Based Low Intensity Treatment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMTRTBEvidence-Based Low Intensity Treatment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PYMVEC"Values, Employment and Context" More information
PYMVECA"Values,Employment and Context" More information
PYMVECB"Values,Employment and Context" More information
PYMWES"Working, Assessing and Engaging in Education Settings" More information
PYMWES1Working, Assessing and Engaging in Education Settings More information
EHMCTCurrent Themes in Economic History Research More information
EHMDDissertation More information
EHMISLIndependent study option – Long More information
EHMISSIndependent study option - Short More information
EHMOP1Economic History Option 1 More information
EHMRMResearch methods More information
ECM001Introduction to Econometric Analysis More information
ECM101Microeconomic Policy More information
ECM102Macroeconomic Policy More information
ECM103Research Methodology More information
ECM104Quantitative Research Methods More information
ECM110Dissertation More information
ECM120The Economics of the Multinational Enterprise More information
ECM123Regulation More information
ECM132The Economics of Financial Markets More information
ECM136Advanced International Macroeconomics and Finance More information
ECM171Development Economics More information
ECM184Economics of Public Policy More information
ECM185Economics of Social Policy More information
ECM186Social Policy of Health and Ageing More information
ECM189Microeconomics I More information
ECM190Microeconomics II More information
ECM191Microeconomics III More information
ECM192Macroeconomics I More information
ECM193Macroeconomics II More information
ECM194Macroeconomics III More information
ECM200Capstone Project More information
ECM607AMicroeconometrics 1 More information
ECM607BMicroeconometrics 2 More information
ECM607CMacroeconometrics More information
ECM620Economics of Corporate Strategy More information
ECM621Topics in Business Economics More information
PIM12Dissertation More information
PIM49Politics of Public Policy More information
PIM54Philosophical Issues in the Social Sciences More information
PIM63International Relations Theory More information
PIM64International Security Studies More information
PIM65Strategic Studies More information
PIM66Contemporary Diplomacy More information
PIM71Origins and Causes of War More information
PIM73Conflict in the Middle East More information
PIM74Terrorism in a Globalising World More information
PIM80Building Peace after Civil War More information
PIM84Parliamentary Studies More information
PIM85Introduction to Qualitative research methods in Politics and International Relations More information
PIM86Introduction to Quantitative research methods in Politics and International Relations More information
PIM88Public Ethics More information
PIM91Dissertation in Public Policy More information
PIM92Applied Research Project and Placement More information
PIM93Worlding International Relations More information

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