International Study and Language Institute - Modules for 2022-23

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
IF0ACAAcademic Skills0More information
IF0ACJAcademic Skills0More information
IF0ECJEconomics0More information
IF0ECOEconomics0More information
IF0FM1Foundation Mathematics0More information
IF0FMJFoundation Mathematics0More information
IF0IBJAn Introduction to Business & Management0More information
IF0IBMAn Introduction to Business and Management0More information
IF0IE1International English A0More information
IF0IEJInternational English0More information
IF0ISJInformation Systems and Statistics (January Entry)0More information
IF0ISSInformation Systems and Statistics0More information
IF0NU1English for Academic Purposes 10More information
IF0NU2English for Academic Purposes 20More information
IF0NUPEnglish for Academic Purposes Project0More information
IF0RASFoundation in Academic Skills0More information
IF1NU3AEnglish for Academic Purposes 31More information
IF1NUAEnglish for Atmospheric Science1More information
IF1NUB1English for Economists 11More information
IF1NUB2English for Economists 21More information
IF1NUCEnglish for Chemists1More information
IF1NUCSEnglish for Data Scientists1More information
IF1NUEEnglish for Environmental Engineers1More information
IF1NUGEnglish for Human and Physical Geographers1More information
IF1NUMEnglish for Mathematicians1More information
IF3NUCEnglish for Chemists 33More information
IF3NUCNUEnglish for Chemists 33More information
IL1ABMNAcademic Skills and Language for Business and Management1More information
IL1AFNNAcademic Skills and Language for Finance1More information
IL1AFSNAcademic Skills and Language for Food Science1More information
IL1ALWNAcademic Skills and Language for Law – Part 11More information
IL1APHMEnglish for Pharmacy1More information
IL1APSYNWriting for Undergraduate Psychology1More information
IL1ASLENAcademic Skills and Language for Education1More information
IL1ASLNAcademic Skills and Language for Postgraduate Success1More information
IL1GEEEnglish for Erasmus1More information
IL1GEENEnglish for Erasmus non-credit1More information
IL1GICCIntercultural Competence and Communication1More information
IL1GMBModern Britain: Society, History and Politics1More information
IL1PAPGPNAcademic Practices and Genres Postgraduate1More information
IL1PAPGUNAcademic Practices and Genres Undergraduate1More information
IL1PCAINCommunicating Academic Ideas1More information
IL1PIALS1NIntegrated Academic Language Skills 11More information
IL1PIALS2NIntegrated Academic Language Skills 21More information
IL1PIALS3NIntegrated Academic Language Skills 31More information
IL1PIALS4NIntegrated Academic Language Skills 41More information
IL1PPATNProcessing Academic Texts1More information
IL1PPLSUNPreliminary Language and Skills for University Study1More information
IL2ALWNAcademic Skills and Language for Law (Part 2)2More information
IL2APIRNAcademic Skills and Language for Politics and International Relations2More information
IL2GICCIntercultural Competence and Communication2More information
IL2GMBModern Britain: Society, History and Politics2More information
IL3AECENAcademic Writing for Economics3More information
IL3ALWNAcademic Skills and Language for Law (Part 3)3More information
IL3APIRNAdvanced Oracy Skills for Politics and International Relations3More information
ILMAACNAcademic Writing for Business Management and AccountingMMore information
ILMABUSNAcademic Writing for Business Management and AccountingMMore information
ILMACFNAcademic Writing for Accounting and FinanceMMore information
ILMACMNAcademic Writing for Construction Management and EngineeringMMore information
ILMAECDNDissertation Writing for Economics (Postgraduate)MMore information
ILMAECENAcademic Writing for Economics (Postgraduate)MMore information
ILMAEFNAcademic English for FinanceMMore information
ILMAFSNAcademic Skills and Language for Food ScienceMMore information
ILMAINFNAcademic Writing for InformaticsMMore information
ILMAMTNAcademic English for MeteorologistsMMore information
ILMAPIRNAcademic Skills and Language for Politics, Economics, and International Relations (Postgraduate)MMore information
ILMAPSYNAcademic Writing for PsychologyMMore information
ILMATDNDissertation Writing for Applied Linguistics and TESOLMMore information
ILMATLNAcademic Writing for Applied Linguistics and TESOLMMore information
ILMATPNAcademic Writing for TESOL PortfolioMMore information
ILMAWLNAcademic Writing for LL.MMMore information
JJ0IUSNIntroduction to University Study0More information
JJ1303NMPU 3303 Environmental and Natural Resources in Malaysia1More information
JJ13113NMPU3113- Hubungan Etnik1More information
JJ13123NMPU3123- TITAS1More information
JJ13143NMPU3143- Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 21More information
JJ13213NMPU3213- Bahasa Kebangsaan A1More information
JJ13401NMPU3401- Co-Curriculum1More information

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