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Dr Denisse Lazo Gonzalez – University of Reading

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Dr Denisse Lazo Gonzalez

Dr Denisse Lazo-Gonzalez
Job Title:
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Lecturer in  Spanish Studies

Teaching intensive lecturer and module convenor.



I co-teach the following language and content modules:

  • SP2/3L4: ‘Advanced Spanish Language II’.
  • SP1I1: ‘Icons of Spain and Latin America’. 
  • SP1SLAC: ‘Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Culture’.

Also, I teach and convene: 

  • SP1L1: ‘Beginners Spanish Language’.
  • LA1PS3: ‘IWLP Spanish 3’. 


Areas of Interest

My research interests lie in the interdisciplinary study of the relationship between fiction and politics, with special focus on representations of the political status of women and societal portrayals in the context of Chile’s neoliberal democracy. Following a methodology that acknowledges a dynamic dialogue between fiction, ideology, and a certain social imaginary, and that incorporates historical, political, and cultural perspectives, I am interested in an analysis of fiction that recognises its socio-historical connections but is also centred on a close reading of form (particularly narrative and film form), that is, the devices that fiction uses to portray an imagined universe as well as to contribute to it.

My D.Phil. thesis, supervised by Professor Ben Bollig (Oxford), explored the relationship between literature and politics through a study of novels published by the Chilean authors Diamela Eltit (1949-) and Alberto Fuguet (1964-) in the Chilean post-transition to democracy period (i.e.: after the year 2000). Through a theoretically informed approach to textual analysis, it aimed to demonstrate that in this period, their literature foregrounds the socio-cultural legacies inherited from the dictatorship (1973-1990), which have been to a great extent endorsed by the Chilean neoliberal transition to democracy.

Currently, I am embarked on a research project that examines the political and cultural value of food through a study of its representations in Chilean cinematography. It aims to analyse whether the cinematic effects of such representations allow a socio-political reading of the role of food in its interaction with certain images and social contexts portrayed. In reading the relationship between ‘mestiza’ food and the art of cinematography, this investigation takes an approach that combines the notions of culture, social imaginary and ideology as a core standpoint for the study of cultural and artistic expressions. I started to investigate the dynamic relationship between these notions during my doctoral studies, circumscribed however to the analysis of narrative fiction. I seek now to expand on the political significance of such dynamic by working on other cultural and artistic expressions such as film and gastronomy in order to address intersections of race, class and gender from the images and emotions that the representations of food carry through film form.   

Research groups / Centres




  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford)
  • Master of Studies (Oxford)
  • Licenciatura (Universidad de Chile)




  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘Women’s Political Status: Female Difference and Public Involvement in Diamela Eltit’s Fuerzas especiales’, Taller de letras, forthcoming 2021.
  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse ‘A Failed Link between Chilean Workers’ Subversive Past and Submissive Present in Diamela Eltit’s Mano de obra’, Latin American Research Review, 56:3, 2021.
  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘A Play Between Fiction and Non-Fiction: Retelling a Story on Exile and Disappearance in Missing (una investigación) by Alberto Fuguet’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 98.2, 2021, pp. 195-212. 2020  Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘Literatura chilena de la postransición: Una lectura a los determinantes sociopolíticos de la narrativa de Eltit y Fuguet’, Literatura y linguistica, 41, 2020, pp. 121-148.
  • Lazo, Deni, ‘Nuestra once’, poem in Vo(i)ces, Bilingual Anthology of Poetry, ed. by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes and Isabel del Río, London: Victorina Press & Friends of Alice Publishing, 2020.


  •  Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse ‘The Dance of Those Left Over’, Oxford Magazine, 413, fifth Week, Michaelmas Term, 2019, pp. 14-15. 
  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘Entre lo moderno y lo tradicional: Roles de género y forma narrativa en Aeropuertos de Alberto Fuguet’, Les Ateliers du SAL 15, 2019, pp. 128-145.


  • Lazo, Deni, ‘No existes/You Do Not Exist’, trans. Rachel Robinson, poem in Desentrañando memorias/Unravelling Memories, ed. by Consuelo Rivera- Fuentes, Market Drayton: Victorina Press, 2017.


  • Lazo, Deni, ‘El ensayo’, short story in Antología de poesía y cuento, Santiago, Chile: Mago, 2015.
  • Lazo, Deni, Poesía en cortos. Tierra, templo, fe, Santiago, Chile: Mago, 2015.

2011 

  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘Women’s Political Equality: Theoretical Approaches to Affirmative Action’, Temas Sociológicos 15, 2011, pp.73-100.

2008 

  • Lazo-Gonzalez, Denisse, ‘Género, pobreza, raza y etnia en la producción de la CEPAL’, in La mujer indígena en Bolivia, Brasil, Ecuador, Guatemala y Panamá, Serie mujer y desarrollo 86, United Nations Publications, Santiago, Chile, 2008, pp.45-78.


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