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Closure of St. Andrew's Hall

When it was announced that St. Andrew's Hall was to close, it sparked a bitter reaction from its residents and the Students' Union.


Demonstrations were organised, with the 'coffin of St. Andrew's Hall' being marched from the Hall to the Vice Chancellor's office.

However, with inadequate funding, rising crime around the Hall and fears over student safety, St. Andrew's Hall said goodbye to its last student resident in the Summer of 2001.

Below: examples of the reactions from residents and the student newspaper Spark.

[Newspaper headline] Andy's pension plan. New plan unveiled to make hall for mature students only.
[Newspaper headline] Crime spate at St. Andy's. Petrol money conman reappears in one of four criminal incidents.
[Poster] Demonstration about the closure of St Andrews.
[Newspaper headline] Hall's well that ends well?
[Newspaper headline] St Andrew's controversy takes new twist with the removal of fire exits.