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The Minute Books and Reports

The Minute Books of the St Andrew's Hall Common Room Committee and various reports produced by the University reveal some very interesting points in the environment and operation of the Hall.


The collection for the bicycle pump amounted to 4/- and Miss Short, seconded by Miss Lewis, proposed that a pump of about this value should be bought. Carried.

1 May 1917

It was decided that 2/- of the C. R. funds this term should be devoted to the purchase of dance music.

6 October 1926

Owing to the fact that another bill of 30/- has to be met for painting the Hall oars it was impossible to purchase the Ping-Pong Table this session.

15 March 1933

JCR was unanimously in favour of having a band for the hop instead of records. It was agreed to have "The Clubmen" again, price 6 guineas.

9 October 1960

Men [visitors] will be allowed in the J.C.R. but must leave by 10.30 p.m. A request was made that men be allowed in to all meals (except breakfast) as women visitors are.

30 October 1967

Shaving sockets were requested for the male sections of the hall.

5 October 1969 (the first meeting after the Hall became 'mixed')

Proposer Skip Hook, seconder Nick Munro, that "the singing of the national anthem before C. R. meetings should henceforth be abandoned." ... the vote was 50 for and 34 against therefore the motion was carried."

20 March 1978

Proposer D. Spencer, seconded R. Hancock, that "out of Common Room Funds should be provided adequate money for the purchase of six garden gnomes and a plastic squirrel for the embellishment of the Hall lawns." ... The voting results were 43 in favour of the motion and 46 against therefore it was defeated.

20 March 1978

The St. Andrew's Hall dining room. Dann-Lewis image, reference P DX322 PH1/DL/761

The Hall's Dining Room is now the Museum's Reading Room. (MERL ref: P DX322 PH1/DL/761)