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TR_RPDThe firm R Hornsby & Sons Ltd was established in 1815 by Richard Hornsby (1790-1864). The origins of Ruston, Proctor & Co Ltd go back to 1840 when the firm of Burton & Proctor was founded. When John Ruston (1835-1897) joined in 1857 it became Ruston, Burton & Proctor and then in 1889 Ruston, Proctor & Co Ltd. In 1918 the two firms merged to form Ruston & Hornsby Ltd. They made a wide range of agricultural machinery and steam, oil and gas engines. For a time Ruston & Hornsby had a controlling interest in Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries Ltd. Ruston's later became English Electric Diesels, then Ruston Paxman Diesels and is currently Ruston Gas Turbines.

The records consist of trade Literature of R Hornsby & Sons Ltd 1881-1913 Ruston, Proctor & Co Ltd 1893-1918 Ruston & Hornsby Ltd 1919-1938.

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  • Reference number TR RPD

Agricultural machinery, Farming business records Ruston Paxman Diesels Ltd

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