J Kenneth Major

Copies of trade catalogues and related material belonging to various firms. They were collected by J Kenneth Major and cover the period 1852 - 1970's

Includes material relating to:

J G Childs & Co Ltd S & E Collier Ltd Duke & Ockenden Ltd Finch Brothers. Glasgow Electrical Engineering Co Ltd Otto Gottschald Cecil Hodges & Co Ltd Lambert Engineering Co A/S Landbrugsmaskin-Kompagniet Joseph Lucas Ltd Vindmotorfabriken Lykkegaard McBrain Brothers Ltd Parris-Dunn Corporation. Patent Lighting Co Ltd Rickman & Co H P Saunderson & Co Ltd Steel Wings Turbine Co Ltd Telford Grier & Mackay Ltd Thomas & Son (Worcester) Ltd John Wallis Titt & Co F A Wilkinson & Partners Ltd Wind Generators Construction and Erection Service Young, Osmond & Young Ltd

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  • Reference number TR MAJ

Agricultural machinery, Farming other archives/mss Kenneth Major, J

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