Goodenoughs of Reading Ltd

The corn merchants Goodenoughs of Reading Ltd was formed from the amalgamation of two separate companies, both of which were in existence before the turn of the century. F. Goodenough and Co Ltd was trading in 1888, when it acquired premises in Station Road (formerly Beecroft's Steam Printing works- see TR GOO/AD4/1-2), and was registered under the Companies Acts in 1908.

 In April 1919 it amalgamated to form Goodenoughs Ltd with W.H. Gibbons & Son, which was also trading in Reading at the turn of the century, having premises in Northfield Road and Valpy Street, and which had already joined forces with Palmer and Barlow (agricultural merchants of Oxfordshire). Goodenoughs Ltd was wound up voluntarily in March 1951 in order to carry out a reorganisation of capital, forming Goodenoughs of Reading Ltd, which continued to occupy premises in Northfield Road and Station Hill (see TR GOO/AC4/4-5). Goodenoughs of Reading Ltd was sold 22 May 1962 (see TR GOO/CO2/34).

The collection contains accounts, adminstrative records and company records for the period 1873 - 1965

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  • Reference number TR GOO

Farming business records Goodenoughs of Reading Ltd

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