Soil Fertility Dunns Ltd

Suppliers of seeds with premises located in Corsham Hartham, Wiltshire.

The records comprise principally a fine run of bound volumes of Dunns publications covering 1903-1962 [TR DUN/P1/A1-15], together with over 140 different loose publications [TR DUN/P2/A]. The remaining items include a variety of technical papers [TR DUN/E73] associated with Prof. R.G. Stapledon (who joined the firm in 1947 when he retired as director of the Welsh Plant Breeding Station) and Prof. T. Wibberley, as well as a volume of reports on overseas visits in the late 1940s [TR DUN/AD7/1], the certificate of incorporation of Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd., in 1920 [TR DUN/CO2/1] and a sales ledger of S. & J.H. Dunn, while in business at Gillingham covering 1858-1863 [TR DUN/AC1/1]

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  • Reference number TR DUN

Farming business records Soil Fertility Dunns Ltd

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