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John Deere was born on February 7, 1804 in Rutland, Vermont, USA. He trained as a blacksmith and gained a reputaion for making good hay forks and shovels. In 1836 poor economic conditions forced Deere to move West to Illinois and it was here that he devised and built the steel ploughs that were to make his fortune. The yearly output of ploughs soon increased to 1000.

In 1868 Deere incorporated his company under the name of Deere & Company and the firm continued to expand. John Deere died on May 17, 1886 by which time his company was manufacturing ploughs, cultivators, cotton and corn planters and other farm implements. In 1910 there was a merger of 6 manufacturing companies and 22 selling organisations. Expansion continued and there were very few types of farming implement which it did not manufacture including tractors, combine and forage harvesters, balers, cultivators, subsoilers as well as ploughs.

Collection contains trade literature and social records of John Deere Ltd 1938-87.

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Agricultural machinery business records John Deere Ltd

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