William Cottis & Sons Ltd

The firm of William Cottis and Sons, Ironfounders and Agricultural Engineers was founded in Epping in 1858. It became a limited company in 1858. Lawnmowers and agricultural machinery were made at the Archimedean Iron Works behind Epping High Street. There was also a shop which sold bicycles and household goods, and a brickfield.

By the 1930's lawnmowers were no longer made and the range of agricultural machinery had decreased, but hay sweeps and horse hoes were still in production. The company also sold and serviced machinery made by other firms such as Ransomes. After World War II technological change led to a decline in sales and by the early 1960's the manufacture of agricultural machinery had ceased. There was also strong competition from chain stores and in 1962 the company was wound up and a new, smaller one was founded.

The records consist of accounts and administrative Records of William Cottis & Sons Ltd for the period 1900-60.

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  • Reference number TR COT

Agricultural machinery, Farming business records William Cottis & Sons Ltd

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