Cooper, McDougall and Robertson

TR CMR P3/A1 Poster: Cooper's Milk Oil Fluid Sheep DipWilliam Cooper founded his veterinary business in Berkhamsted in about 1840, and in the following years developed chemical sheep dips. He was joined in the business by some of his nephews, and the firm became known as William Cooper & Nephews until it merged with McDougall & Robertson in 1925 to form Cooper McDougall & Robertson Ltd. In 1959-60 the firm was bought by the Wellcome Foundation. Later ICI acquired an interest in the firm, which was later renamed Coopers Animal Health Ltd. It was wound up c 1990.

The bulk of the records are of printed advertising material recovered from the firm's printers and cover the period c1882-1989

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  • Reference number TR CMR

business records Cooper, McDougall and Robertson

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