Horticultural Education Association

The Horticultural Education Association (HEA) was formed in 1905, by county horticultural advisors. The HEA became part of the Institute of Horticulture in 1984.

Consists of Minutes of Annual General Meetings 1931-1942; Minutes of council meetings 1936-1962; Reports of Annual General Meetings 1925-1931; Reports of conferences and papers read 1919-1925; Correspondence relating to the early history of the Association 1915-1944; Correspondence, rules, lists of members, memoranda 1913-1954; Minutes 1908-1924; Correspondence and reports of meetings 1915-1928; Biographical note on W B Little c1960; Newslatter 1965-1968; Correspondence relating to meetings held at Long Ashton and to the Spring conference, Channel Islands conference 1922-1962; Papers relating to the craftsmanship course, Pershore Institute of Horticulture 1960; Correspondence relating to an article by A D Turner on Strawberry growing in the Cheddar area 1962-1963; Insurance 1936-1940; Correspondence relating to investments 1950-1962; Correspondence and other papers relating to membership 1961; Correspondence relating to accounts 1950-1962; Printed reports and proceedings 1943-1953; Other books and papers printed by the Association 1911-1964

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