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Herbert Butler (James) Parry was born in 1912. He graduated from Cambridge in 1933 and became a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1938. He spent time at Wisconsin and Sydney Universities before joining the research staff at the Nuffield Institute for Medical Research at the University of Oxford in 1953. His main interest was the disease Scrapie which he defined as "a subacute neuromuscular disease of middle-aged sheep". He died in 1980 before completing a monograph on Scrapie which incorporated his 25 years of research on the subject. A somewhat shorter, edited version of this entitled Scrapie Disease in Sheep was published posthumously in 1983.

Copies of several scientific papers published by D C Gajdusek the winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

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  • Reference number: D PARRY

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