Dr Herbert Hunter

Contains: degree certificates for Herbert Hunter 1924-1925; printed appeal leaflets published in Cambridge during the General Strike 1926; contract of employment 1934; correspondnece regarding Hunter's proposed visit to Russia 1939; papers regarding Herbert Hunter's proposed appointment as Agricultural attache at the British Embassy, Moscow 1942-1944; papers relating to the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 1952-1956; obituaries of Herbert Hunter 1959; letters of sympathy received following the death of Herbert Hunter 1959-1960; biographical accounts of Herbert Hunter [1950's]-1977; biographical accounts compiled by Herbert Hunter concerning colleagues and acquaintances 1920-1956; papers relating to the presentation of the papers of Dr Herbert Hunter to the Institute of Agricultural History 1977; correspondence from W S Gosset concerning research 1909-1910; correspondence regarding Hunter's responsibility for developing the barley variety Spratt-Archer 1927; correspondence between Hunter and E S Beaven 1926-1941; correspondence with Hans Halbaek 1951-1952; correspondence from Vilho Pesola 1952; research notebooks and papers 1898-1957; newspaper cuttins and extracts 1920-1959; typescript transaltion of On the Genetic Nature of Winter and Spring Barieties of Plants by N I Vavilox and E S Kouznetsov [1920s]; collection of Hunter's published works and manuscripts 1924 -1952; offprints of works by Hunter 1938-1957; typescripts for lectures 1944-1959; letter from PR Colegate, NIAB to Miss M Hunter regarding bibliography of papers by Hunter 1976

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science & history of science Hunter, Dr Herbert

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