Thames Valley Eggs Ltd

The records of Thames Valley Eggs Ltd 1934-1972; Sunrise Egg Producers Ltd 1933-1964; Hampshire Egg Producers Ltd 1947-1963; Hayling Island Egg Producers Ltd 1938-1954; Oxford Farmers Ltd 1950-1959; Earley Eggs Ltd 1951-1964; Banbury Egg Packers Ltd 1954-1962; Berks, Bucks & Oxon Poultry Packers Ltd 1954-1964; Wiltshire Poultry Producers Ltd 1957-1962; Berks Poultry Producers Ltd 1957-1963; West Midland Egg Producers Ltd 1957-1967; West Cumberland Farmers' Trading Society Ltd 1959; Thames Valley Poultry Producers Ltd 1950s-1960s; Thames Valley & Wiltshire Poultry 1950s-1960s; Producers Ltd Salisbury Egg Packing Station Ltd 1961-1962; Monmouth & Glamorgan Eggs Ltd 1962-1966; Hereford & West Midland Egg Producers Ltd 1964 and East Anglian Egg Packing Station Ltd 1960s 

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