Sandwich and District Growers Ltd.

The Sandwich and District Growers Ltd, a horticultural co-operative marketing society, was formed in 1941 to assist local growers in the Kent area in the event that transport was disrupted by the war. Proper trading began in 1948 and membership and turnover steadily increased so that by the early 1960's annual sales were worth over £220,000. The co-operative marketed all types of produce apples, pears, cherries, plums, soft fruits, vegetables and other market produce. It's depot was at Grove Road, Preston 9 miles North East of Canterbury and included a fruit grading and packing room, a vegetable sorting and loading shed and a despatch department which possessed a fleet of 10-12 vehicles. Membership of the co-operative was open to growers who had a £5 shareholding but this was later increased to £50.

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