Staff Profile:Dr Eugen Varvaruca

Areas of Interest:
Nonlinear PDE, Free-Boundary Problems, Water Waves
Research groups / Centres:
  • Pure and Applicable Analysis

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Some Recent Papers and Preprints

  • E. Varvaruca and G.S. Weiss, The Stokes conjecture for waves with vorticity, Ann. Inst. H. PoincarĂ© Anal. Non LinĂ©aire, 29 (2012), 861-885
  • E. Varvaruca and A. Zarnescu, Equivalence of weak formulations of the steady water waves equations, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 370 (2012), 1703-1719 [pdf]
  • E. Varvaruca and G. S. Weiss, A geometric approach to generalized Stokes conjectures, Acta Math., 206 (2011), 363-403 [pdf]
  • A. Constantin and E. Varvaruca, Steady periodic water waves with constant vorticity: regularity and local bifurcation, Arch. Rational Mech. Analysis, 199 (2011), 33-67 [pdf]
  • E. Varvaruca, On the existence of extreme waves and the Stokes conjecture with vorticity, J. Differential Equations, 246 (2009), 4043-4076 [pdf]
  • E. Varvaruca, Bernoulli free-boundary problems in strip-like domains and a property of permanent waves on water of finite depth, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A, 138 (2008), 1345-1362 [pdf]
  • E. Varvaruca, On some properties of travelling water waves with vorticity, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 39 (2008), 1686-1692 [pdf]
Dr Eugen Varvaruca

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Room 106, Mathematics

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