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"In the School of Literature and Languages many of our students are studying joint degrees that combine a variety of approaches and subject matter, and produce graduates with an enviably broad range of interests and skills."

Professor Gail Marshall, Head of School

How your course will be organised

You can choose modules from two departments and will have seminars with people taking single honours courses and people on different joint honours courses. You choose which subject to work with for your dissertation.

'Choosing modules for my joint degree is easy: I take the same core modules as my friends on the single honours programme but then get to choose my options from across both subjects. I have loved my time here at Reading, and am planning on returning to do an MA.'

Hayley Parfitt

Why choose a joint degree?

A joint degree offers the opportunity to study two subjects all the way through university. This adds breadth to your knowledge base but also equips you with skills from two different academic disciplines, as well as valuable time management skills in balancing your studies.

'The course not only appealed to me because of the year abroad, but also in terms of the strong links between both subjects at Reading. Studying a joint degree has especially improved my time management and organisation; spending equal amounts of time on both French and English demands motivation, perseverance and self-discipline.'

Zara Alnaimi

The opportunities a joint degree offers

Joint degrees may allow the pursuit of two passionate academic interests but often they are fashioned towards a particular career path. Taking a modern foreign language as part of your degree may be seen as a positive indicator for all future careers in an increasingly globalized working world.

'My time management and confidence have improved so much by studying both English Literature and Film & Theatre. My course is helping me specialise in contemporary literature and analysing directorial decisions for a job as a lead writer for a film company in America.' 

Jake Blunt

'Studying English Literature and International Relations is the perfect degree for me: it combines my interest in literature with my hope for a future career in international development. With a joint degree, your knowledge becomes extensive: I have studied Milton and Modern Government, Victorian England and the Arab Spring.'

Anja Nielsen

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